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Our One Year Wedding Anniversary in Bali, Indonesia - June 18, 2017

Hi everyone! This post is basically our wedding anniversary celebration in Bali, Indonesia last 18th of June 2017. To sum it up, the picture below is how we celebrated our very special day! We used the hashtag last year for our wedding, #DKLOVE2016 and this is just good to use it again since it's a collection of our happy pictures together on and before our wedding last year. :)

We stayed at The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa for 3D2N. It was awesome because we had an amazing free upgrade on their biggest villa with huge, lovely swimming pool with a Yin and Yang cool design.

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Our private villa was with 3 bedrooms and one large common patio with a relaxing, high ceiling living room and a complete kitchen where you can also bake and cook, if you want. By the way, they also have a component where you can play your favorite CD during your stay. (So do bring CDs if you're planning to stay here in the future.) Otherwise, the villa have their own CD with a Balinese instrumental music which is amazingly beautiful and relaxing! Perfect for chilling, relaxing parties or just anything, like eating, swimming or simply just anyyyything! 

Moreover, we chose the room with the best of everyday view and with a big toilet! How I wish, we could bring this back home even their princess-like-bed with white mattress and vintage styled mosquito net. It was awesome! We love their bed!

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Everyday, guests can choose to eat at the restaurant or inside their private villa. You just need to put your request in the letterbox hanging outside of your villa door before 8PM. It includes of which menu you want to be serve and what time you prefer the chefs to come and and cook for you. They will also serve at the dining table. We chose this for our first day at the villa. Two chefs visited us and cooked for our anniversary breakfast! Below is my newly woke up hubby with his pajamas and excited to eat his favorite American breakfast, a sunny side up, baked beans, hash browns, grilled tomatoes and baaaaaacon! Mine's on the other hand is an Egg Benedict, with two muffins topped with grilled ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce! Indeed, too pretty to eat! *_*

We were also served with fresh juices, coffee, tea, fruits and breads! 

One of the activities we had is of course ~ swimming at our own private huge pool! We really enjoyed the privacy! My husband even allow me to have a topless pose in bikini! Wooow! Haha! Well, you knouuuw, like models! LOL! LOL! It's a back shot, so it's very decent! For that day, I had one of the pictures in my picture poses bucket list! (Well, if there's such thing as like that, Picture Poses Bucket List! LOL!) I just love photos! Thousands of them!!! Lucky to have the best photographer with me! Yeeeey!!! 

The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa
Our huge, lovely swimming pool. ^_^

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Seminyak beach was also near the area. Along the way was a street market, where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, post cards or have massage, spa and or check travel/tour agencies. It was 10 to 15 mins by walk, if I'm not wrong. It was beautiful! We enjoyed the sunset. 

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It was indeed calm and relaxing! Ohh Bali, with my love, my soul and spirit is flying high!

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Along the way, we visited Grain Bali to feed our hungry stomachs. Foods was amazing! No regrets of me eating burgers again! We absolutely love the ambience inside and the foods!

By the way if you still have an extra space for dessert, we tried Gelato Factory Bali. OMG! This is a must! I even asked my hubby same day, that we should go back and buy ice cream again! Unfortunately, it was past 9PM. Price were good with great Italian ice creams! We love it!

We came to Bali with a goal of one sea adventure in mind. Yup! Staying in Singapore made us hungry for the sea! Although, we just visited Thailand last May for my birthday, we didn't really went to a sea, mostly nature like hot springs, water falls, river boating, temples visiting and bath with elephants. I told Dan, my husband, we should have one sea adventure on our wedding anniversary in Bali!

Fortunately, we had three fun sea adventures! We had Adventure Parasailing, Jet Ski, and Snorkelling! It was aweeeeesome! 

We also made my nails in Bali! I think, this is my second time to have French Tip Nails manicure. The first one was for our wedding day. Isn't it beautiful? 

Special thanks to my sweet husband for paying and allowing me to do my nails on our holiday, and yeah, for just patiently waiting! You are so cute and very sweet. The best travel buddy ever! Thank you, my king! :* xx

We also visited Jimbaran beach for lunch, after all of the sea adventures. Unfortunately, it was kind of very hot! We came here one time last January of 2014 for dinner and yes it's more suitable for night time romantic seafood dinner! They have locals in their traditional Balinese costume, playing guitars and singing one sweet song table by table. It was really romantic!

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We went back to our private villa and ordered traditional local food platter instead! We also enjoyed the happy hour which we wasn't enjoyed the previous night for night swimming since it was already over. It was funny because the staff on the phone was advising us to order the next day instead to enjoy the HH. It was like, probably, past 8:30PM. I suggested, to process our orders maybe next day (in a happy hour time,) but they can already serve us the drinks. LOL! We were laughing! We still ordered anyway. We had chicken wings with salad, pina colada for me, and a Bintang beer for Dan, the other night.

The foods at The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa was really all good!

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Our stay includes an hour massage. On the way to the spa was The Prana Restaurant. It was beautiful, styled in Indian and Middle Eastern exotic architecture. At first, I was not quite sure with the mix of the style. Talking with my husband, we thought of Indian, yes, but the mix, I'm not very sure. I checked their website and found out, it was Indian and Middle Eastern design. 

I can't help and asked my husband to take a photo of me with the background. It was lovely with my dress in red, my favorite color! Surprisingly, my photo appeared at The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa Instagram page!

By the way, the massage was great and relaxing! The foods from the restaurant were good too! We tried it for our last breakfast with them, since we forgot to fill up our breakfast request. :P :P :P

Cheers my love! Indeed we had a lovely first year to celebrate! A beautiful life travel journey together as husband and wife. We may have some ups and downs but we will always rise and shine again because we're together. We're the awesome team with strong teamwork! You're my best friend and so am I to you. I will always love, respect and support you, my king! Cheers to us! 

We made a great year and more happy coming years to come, with a lot of peace, love and happiness! We can always make it together, you and I, and of course with Him! Thank you, Lord for everything. :)

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If you want our package and sea adventures, 3D2N in Bali, let me know or drop me an email. I'll be happy to share with you and help you get the best deals! :)

Check our Adventure Parasailing video, HERE.
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    1. I love you too, my king! I am very happy to be with you, as your wife, best friend and queen! ♥♥♥ xx


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