Friday, 18 November 2016

Weekend in Singapore with Love

I love weekend and spending time with my husband, Dan! 

One of my most favorite place to visit and chill here in Singapore during weekends is probably the beach of Sentosa. The sea, music and the sun is always relaxing for me! 

I feel energize whenever I'm playing outside and under the sun!

Specially with an awesome and good company, like my best friend! He's my model too, by the way! ^_^

This photo of the sands in Sentosa was taken when the sun was still up and really shining!
Photos are not actually arrange accordingly. =P

✨ 🐾  Each moment is a place you have never been. 🐾  ✨
We are always a team who encourage each other to be the best, we can be! I love the feeling of being with him! People always think we're BF and GF, and always surprise whenever we share/answer we're already married! Is it good or not? Well, I'm happy to be with my best friend! 

A jump shot requested by Mr. Husband na makulet! Actually, it should be a jump of something like... "It's something!" And I'm still thinking if I will post the real jump shot that he wants (or maybe no,) because I find it LOL and crazy(???!) :D :D 

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I'm wearing my new white swimming suit here, and I super, duper love it! 
(Thinking to make some giveaways soon! I feel like, I already have a lot of swimming suits!)

Special credits to my babylove holding my hands and took the photo above! 
Thank you, Danni! Thank yoooooou! <3 :)

♥ You are my piece of paradise, my king! I'm very happy to be with you! 

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Cheers to us! It's our 5th Month of being happily married today, 
18 November, 2016! 
( Photos were taken actually last Saturday though. ^_^ )

I am blessed to have a very good best friend, travel and selfie buddy who always fill me with so much life and happiness!

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I love my best friend! Super blessed to have him by my side! 


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  1. ❤❤❤
    Happy weddingsary my queen, my love, my best friend!
    You are very sweet! 😊😍
    I love you!


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