Saturday, 1 October 2016

Movie Review: Kubo and The Two Strings (2016)

Hi there everyone! Good day! Happy Saturday!!! :)

Anyway, I just want to make a movie review, as requested by my "Mr. Makulet" bestfriend! Hehe! I'm also taking advantage of my current mood today: "Hello, I'm into writing!"

So okaaaay, let's start!!! :D
Last Tuesday, we had an awesome Tuesday Movie Deal from Golden Village. We watched Kubo and The Two Strings. It was already playing for two weeks, I guess, but since it was still the highest in ranking, I chose it for my husband as his movie reward for being the Best Husband!!! Hahaha! Yeah, I rewarded him with doughnuts, a homemade yummmmy dinner and a movie voucher last Monday! So yeah, the next day, we had a Happy Tuesdate Movie Nightout! :)

SPOILER ALERT!!! Pls. don't continue to read if you're planning to watch and enjoy this movie on a big screen this coming few days.
IMDb Rate: 8.3/10 from 13,280 votes, as of today, 01/10/2016

Some of my favorite parts in the movie:
The story telling with origami forming and flying while Kubo's playing his (something like) guitar. I think, it was fun and exciting! He's a great storyteller!

It was also interesting to see in this animation, the famous cemetery torii red gate, and how Japanese people talk to their deseased loved ones after death. Their grave rituals or prayers and lanterns afloat on the lake was really kind of unique!
The sense of humor of the writer was simply amazing! Everyone in the theater really laugh out loud on the part where Monkey is sharing the story about Kubo's parents. "4 words... I love you... Monkey?!" Hahahaha!

A lot of twist and turns, yet the plot or the flow of the story is very easy to understand and indeed fun and interesting!

Love, family and respect for the elderly is given emphasis on this movie.

All in all, it was absolutely great and awesome film! Japan ancient setting. There's comedy, magic/fantasy and adventure. There's a bit of sweet drama, that you will feel like a little tears from the eyes is okay. No dull moment. It was awesome and fun that you will laugh out loud! Good for children and everyone young at heart! We love the animation and the story!

Watch the movie trailer below to give you an idea of the movie! Visit the cinema and enjoy it on a big, huge screen! Relax and laugh out loud with your family or a special one!

Have a good and happy day! Enjoy the weekend!!! ^_^

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