Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Chicken Hotpot Singapore with a Deal!!!

Craving for some hotpot? Worry no more, the Chicken HotPot is waiting for you!

This is absolutely good for everyone who is craving for an awesome soup or a budget friendly steamboat meal, specially on a rainny day! (When I say budget friendly, it's price is slightly better than all of the other steamboat I know.)

Anyway, this is our very first time to try this Chinese restaurant, Chicken HotPot! Don't be confuse with their restaurant's name as they offer different kinds of meat, as well as seafood and vegetable hotpots too! 

Here's the menu to start.

We saw the Couple's Menu and delighted to try! It was cost saving for two small hotpots with 2 large drinks included. 

Luckily, my husband really wants to have the chicken! I was thinking for a fish though, but it was honestly fine because the couple's menu comes with a chicken and prawn (small) hotpots! Unfortunately, you cannot change the menu even for an additionall fee.

Hmmm, I love prawns, anyway, it's a seafood!!! So it wasn't really a problem. LOL! (I was craving for a soup that day, a white colored soup to be specific!) ^_^

By the way, for the two included large drinks, there were three options to choose from. My husband, Dan, chose lime and a fruit punch for me! I was very happy with the pink-red color plus a cut of orange floating on my drink! I told Dan, I made a good choice for not copying his drink. HAHAHA! I was honestly thinking of a lime juice but he chose it already so I changed mine. Awesome decision! :P

We started to observe, while excitedly waiting. The restaurant was clean and tables were already pre-set up with condiments and the burner less the fire. The walls were painted with interesting colors and designs. The other side of the wall was with writings of the history of hotpot in China.

Photo credits to Groupon.
The waiting for our order wasn't long at all. IDK or am I just enjoying because... my husband was on the mood of taking pictures, that day?! Hahahaha! Can you imagine, I was not even asking, and he's the one requesting to take pictures of me! LOL! :D :D :D "Xie-xie ni, Danni makulet!" <3

If you want additional toppings on your hotppot, like more vegetables, meat, mushrooms, tofu, fish balls... Well, there's this 2 door glass refrigerator with 3 different colored plates, white, black and yellow. It comes with a price, ranges from $1.80 to $4, or all below $5 depending on your choice.

For our dinner, we opted to stay on our menu plus a rice, as the waitress advise it's good with rice.

Signature Chicken Hotpot (Small)

Spicy Shrimp Hotpot (Small)

Here's the 2 door glass refrigerator with 3 different colored plates, I've mentioned before, and the receipt stating the total bill of our 3rd wedding monthsary dinner date last Sunday, 18/09/2016.

To end this post, I dare you to try and let me know what you think, probably about the food, the ambience of the restaurant and their service. It would be fun!

Insider Tip:  
  • You can also order the small size hotpot to share with someone, if there's no promotion. Just add different toppings you can choose from the fridge and voila, you will sure have a happy tummy!!! 
  • Steamboats/hotpots always comes with a free refill of soup stock. Politely ask if you need some! :)
  • Upon ordering they will ask you the level of spicyness you prefer. Medium was still kind of hot for me, I guess. But... It was indeed "shiok" and pretty awesome!!!
  • Groupon Singapore is currently offering an awesome deal of this restaurant! Only $9.80++ for a hotpot!!! Click HERE, for more information about the deal and restaurant locations.
PS. Here's a photo of me with my fancy perm hair, I made it myself. I'm wearing my new cute floral, white dress, sponsored by my awesome date. "Thank you, Danni!"
I was very happy and excited with the prawn hotpot meal with french fries, I got!!! Yeeeeey!!!

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