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The Maldives Honeymoon in Full Board Package at Amari Havodda Maldives

To sum it up, here's our lovely honeymoon in Maldives! :)

From Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 1 hour and 10 mins., we landed safe and sound with a lovely weather welcoming us in the beautiful island country of Maldives!

We managed to post on Instagram and Facebook, as soon as we arrived since we were in this lounge called Moonimaa Lounge waiting for our domestic flight, Male to Kaadedhdhoo, going to our resort for 4 days and 3 nights. 

We reached the resort, Amari Havodda Maldives, at around 8PM. Everyone at the resort was friendly and welcomed us warmly and happily! Maldives time is 3 hours behind Singapore and 30 mins behind Sri Lanka, where we spent our first 3 days 2 nights honeymoon.

We met our lovely villa, our home for 4 days and 3 nights, and ate buffet dinner afterwards! Indeed everything was a surprise and exceeded our expectations! The foods were amazingly great, different varieties and yuuuuummy. Our villa was cool and we simply love it because we have our own private beach, just in front of our lovely nest!

I made a post on my Facebook to remember this event on my timeline. It was really sweet and I felt so blessed
The next day, here's the lovely view welcomed us going to the restaurant for our delicious buffet breakfast! It was very calm and relaxing!

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We explored more of the island! We played and wrote our names at the beach, experience the sand more than the last night and as well as the water! Our adventurous feet was more than happy! Our eyes were full of lovely pictures, permanently stored on our memory. It was amazing! We were very happy and blessed to experience this luxury!

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After lunch, (btw, it was another buffet!) We went to the jetty. We already saw it at night when we reached the resort and it was more lovely on the day! I guess, it was one of the beautiful corners of the of this heaven, where every inch of this island was magic! Every nook was a surprise, and every corner was a postcard!

Here's my island life video, as a wife, on my Forever21 pink bikini swimming suit. ^_^

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During our stay, we have snorkelling gears that we can use whenever we want! It was perfect since we were in a villa with our own private beach! We saw some fishes happily swimming and corals! The happy and funny part was trying it in full gear! My husband was so excited that even on land, inside our villa or on the sand he was walking on fins and in full gear! 

The picture below made me felt like we were ninja starfishes ready to enjoy and meet the underwater creatures of the Indian ocean! ^_^

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Now, here's a video of my husband's island life, wearing his Nike and floral swimming shorts! Isn't he enjoying a lot!? The cheese, food, water and ME ~ the wife, is what he enjoyed the most! :D :D

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A photo of me on the swan with my floral swimming suit! I specially like this one-piece swimming suit because if you wear it with shorts, specially black shorts, it looks like a summer blouse! I like it a lot and find it very fashionable! :)

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How about the summer coconut trees and the bright skies of Maldives or just the resort itself? 

OMG! During our stay, it was one of the lovely views, I always enjoyed from this resort! Looking and taking pictures of these trees and the clear bright sky makes your time more like it stops and the moment were more fun and relaxing! At night, the sky was also full of twinkling little stars! 

Life was different. Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment.

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On our second last day in Amari Havodda Maldives, our resort, specially arranged our room with summer flowers and a champagne! It was very sweet! We went for lunch and when we went back, our bed was with flowers and towel arranged like a heart! We used the flowers on our bubble bath, and at the same time we drunk the champagne! It was romantic! Me and my husband indeed appreciate the sweet gesture to surprise us and make our stay more extra, extra memorable! We thank you, Amari Havodda, from the bottom of our hearts! <3 :)

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We made some video clip to record the fun speedboat ride! 
  1. The crew of the resort in front. They gave us mineral water and showed us safety procedures during the ride.
  2. The island as we go and the water from the back of the speedboat.
  3. My handsome and funny husband trying to enjoy and annoys me at the same time, because I am always taking pictures and videos. :D :D
  4. Me, the wife and the water from the back of the speedboat.
  5. The speedboat trying to get the correct angle for our destination, back to Kaadedhdhoo.
  6. Walking around in Kaadedhdhoo, full of summer trees from the jetty to the airport and stealing a kiss from my husband! ;)
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Experience and follow us in Maldives! We booked the resort in a good, affordable price just 15 days before our flight. :)

Let me know in the comments below or private message if you have any questions. We will try to answer you and share more what you all want to know. 

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Big, big thank you to my husband for having this beautiful and grand experience with me, as our honeymoon! 

Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you are giving me and my husband and for taking care and guiding us during our travel and all the time! I thank you for my husband and pray that you always give him strength and wisdom to be the king of our own future kingdom.

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