Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Know Me More & My Business

Some questions you might be interested to know before having some of my perfumes for sale.
I hope it will help! :)

1. Why did I start a business?

The thought of having one makes me feel happy, alive and excited!

2. When did I think starting a business?

It was last year, January 2015, when my fiancé (now my husband) bought me my own domain name or website address. I see myself not just writing but having my own business in the future. Blogging expose me to the online world and business. It made me learn online business and advertisement.
On April of 2015, I told my close friends, I'm selling perfumes. :)

3. Why perfumes?

I am working office hours. If I want to start a business, it should be something good and friendly on my schedule. I find perfumes a lot easier to start with.

Moreover, I do fancy perfumes and enjoy seeing bottles in different colors! I also believe that everyone wants to smell nice and people use scent to define personality. Fragrance is also good to remember moments.

4. Where are my perfumes coming from?

I have a very good and reliable supplier here in Singapore. They are in authentic perfume business industry for 20+ years. I personally tried their service and product before selling.

5. Do I plan selling more items?

Yes, I do. :)

6. How did I engaged myself in this business?

I tried their service and product twice.

Last year was Davidoff Cool Water for me and my husband. This year for our wedding perfumes, I bought Versace Bright Crystal and Versace Eros, for my groom. I am very satisfied with their product and service! My fiancé (now my husband) also loved the smell!

We can honestly say that perfumes were authentic comparing it to Sephora, shopping malls and airport tax free perfumes! We had a great deal, considering the good authentic quality and the price!

I called and talked to the business owner and here I am planning my visit soon to their shop! :)

I would definitely be very, very happy to have you as my customer or future customer once you finish your current perfume! ^_^

Let me know what scent you prefer and I will do my best to get one for you! We carry almost all of the famous brands like, Burberry, Davidoff, Versace, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Chloe, Bvlgari, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and a loooooot more!

Let me know in the comments below or private message if you have any other questions. :)

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