Thursday, 12 May 2016

My Birthday is Coming Soon!!!

OMG!!! I just realized my birthday is coming. I don't have plans yet, where or how we will celebrate my 30 years of life here on earth. We've been so busy planning over the much, much BIG, special day of our life. Haaay! This is the first time, I kind of a bit forget that my birthday is sooooo near. LOL! :P :P

Anyway, this blog is becoming more on like a sort of an online diary for me. Hahaha! I'm so sorry guys! I will try to post more informative topics after the big day.

For now, help me have an idea on what to do on my birthday. It's kind of special because... Yes, it's my day and I'm entering a new milestone, line of three numbers. >.< :D :D :D

Cheers to good life ~ more, love, peace and happiness! :)
Thank you, Bro! Cheers!!! ^_^

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