Saturday, 28 May 2016

My 30th Birthday!!!

Hi everyone! Below are some of my happy moments during my 30th birthday celebration! OMG!!! Yessss, finally I am thiiiiiirty!!! HAHAHAHA! I am still mix emotion, seems like nothing change but only my age. I still know how to have fun and enjoy. Cheers to life! CHEERS!!! :)

Anyway, we celebrated my birthday at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore! I am one super happy fiancรฉe here! I was surprised to see a rose, balloons, a Fullerton teddy bear and a sweet love note on the bed. It was happily arranged by my sweet, like candy fiancรฉ! I was soooo happy! Excuse my excited and a bit tired happy face here! We cooked and rushed to the hotel. We even forgot my Tiramisu cake at home, a sweet treat also from my fiancรฉ. It's okay, we ate it next day! We're very full! ^_^

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Moreover, here's a photo collage of my cool and crazy guests. I really, really do appreciate their presence despite of my unplanned celebration and very, very short notice, one day and on the day notice actually, specially for Ate D. Thank you everyone for also bringing donuts, cake, gifts, booze, ice cream and just bringing yourself is indeed HUGE, HUGE THANK YOOOOOOU! I feel so special and loved.

Thank you for taking a loooot of photos too, and mentioning our foods, our cooking were good! I feel awesome with my fiancรฉ! LOL! I also thanked Pia for teaching me cool, short video steps of Don't Mind. Our video was funny and just soooo cute! <3 :)

Meet my new colleague and crazy friend, Rainny! She's indeed funny and I don't know, we just clicked! Hahaha! I'm glad, we had a new young colleague in the office. She's 24 and single. Soon, she'll find her dream man too! :)
She gave me a beautiful, tiffany colored nighties. Isn't it pretty?! I like her taste. It suits me, even the size too! Thank you, Rainny, for the new friendship and for making my work life more livelier. :)

Of course, here's a photo of my man, my king ~ the love of my life! I super, duper thank him for always partying with me, even my birthday is already finish. Hahaha! Everyday is my birthday when I'm with him, always like a holiday, and full of life and love! I thank God for him! He will always be my best birthday gift eveeeeer!!! I love you my Mr. Awesome Man! Thank you for my birthday celebration and always making me happy and loved. Thank yoooooooou! <3 <3 <3

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Next, is a photo of myself in one of my favourite bikini from Phuket, Thailand. This photo is one day after my 30th birthday. I still look awesome (a bit of workout though) so... I guess, it's okay to be 30. Hahaha! I still can't get over! I don't want to be 30 buuuuut it's okay, life is life. Kiss and hugs! Excuse my photo. I just want to remember my special day, when I turned 30. ^_^

Lastly, here's the fun we had! You can say anything on the photo... Ohhh yes, we're crazy! Indeed crazy fun and crazy in love with each other! I love our friendship sets on fire.

I am one lucky woman, who have every life, peace, love and happiness. What a life! Cheers to thirtyyyyyy!!! Thank you, Lord! Xoxo

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