Saturday, 26 March 2016

We are One Year Engaged!

Last Friday night, 18 of March 2016, inside the MRT, on the way home and after OT, I saw a man holding a cute flower bouquet. I told myself, "Aww so sweet! My fiancé must have been like that travelling with flowers." Moving my eyes, I saw a white famous jewellery paper bag and told myself, "Wooow, this guy must be in love!" Wondering the occasion, I moved more my sight and checked the man. I was so surprised to see my fiancé's same clothes that day! I moved to the man's face and was even very surprised to see! "Oh my, that's my man!" Hahaha! I LOL with happiness and excitement! He's the sweetest! I am a lucky fiancée!

We LOL together inside the train. He was also very surprised to see me. He felt bad because I should have met him at home. Well, I think, that was super, super sweet scene. Seeing my love of my life carrying roses inside the train, during the busy rush hour after work, and a lot of people, was just a lovely sight for me! Hmmm... (Twinkling and dreaming eyes again!) I wish, I took a photo of it!

Thank you my king for always making me happy!

A photo of us after work and celebrating our special day! :)

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