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D&K: One Year Engagement Anniversary!!!

Let  me just share, last 14th of March, I required my fiancé to make me a love letter and list down the things why he loves me. HAHAHAHAHA! I never say anything, or for what. I just said... "I want to know." LOL! He was cool with the idea so we set the deadline until 18/3.

On the 17/3, he gave me his love letter. Not because he wants to make it in advance but because he thought, it was the day of our deadline. HAHAHA! He composed it when I was a bit mad at home, because... (I cannot really remember but I think...) I'm not in the mood to talk so much and play with him. Hehe! I was busy reading and browsing online. Then he started to look for something.

(Our conversation.)

KG: "What are you looking for?"
DD: "A paper and pen."
KG: "Why?"
DD: "It's a surprise."
KG: "I don't want surprise. What is that?"
DD: "I said, it’s a surprise!"
KG: "I don't want. I don’t want surprise."
DD: "Ok... Agrrr, a letter for you."
KG: "Why are you copying S&G? I don't want letters." (S&G were our presenting couple in MPC. They mentioned before that they are making letters if they want to say something to their partner who doesn’t want to listen at the moment.)

Hahaha! I'm acting mad and felt guilty. This man is being sweet and I'm mean. LOL! LOL! :D :D

KG: "I will not read it. I don't want."
DD: "It's okay, I'll read it for you."

Haaaaay, he's really makulet to the nth power! HAHAHAHA!

 Anyway, he was really sweet. I felt crying listening to my fiancé, when he finished his letter. I told him, tomorrow, next day will be another letter, listing why he loves me in a bullet form. HAHAHAHAHA! He told me, he'll make another one!

Next day, midnight of 18/03, he was playing and trying to finish Ni no Kuni, a PlayStation game, I gave him last Valentine’s Day. I was also busy browsing for my online shopping! (Cool emoticon!) At 12:30, I gave him a kiss and asked if he can remember anything, an occasion or whatever. HAHAHA! He checked the date, 18/3.

DD: "St. Patrick's Day!"
KG: "Noooo! That was yesterday." I was smiling...

In the end, he cannot really remember. My fiancé is a bit forgetful with dates. It's okay. He's not really a girl like me, but of course, it cannot be always all the time so for our Monthsary, every month he has an alarm! LOL!

Going back to the story... I was smiling and hugged him. He felt bad because he cannot really remember. HAHAHA! I just told him... "Then just hug me lah." I kissed him and hugged him again. Finally, I just told him! "Today is the day you asked me to marry you. Happy One Year Anniversary as being Engaged Couple!!!"

Then he talked, "Really? One year already?"
"Yesssss." I replied.
"It was so fast!" He added and looking at me.
"Uh-hmm. (Like a yes in a nodding way.)  Where is my letter?" I laughingly asked.
"How come you're not mad?" He asked instead of answering me.
And then he added, "Where is my letter?!" (In a bit slow manner to give emphasis.)
"I have!" I replied and LOL...

I am not really mad at all. I am happy! I took it and gave him! He was honestly surprise. I felt like crying again, when I gave him my letter, last night, crying of soooo much happiness!!!

I am very happy, nothing's changed. I still love and I want to marry this man! The moments from last year were like a sudden flashback, when I looked at his eyes! It was there and still very fresh! :)

I just got engaged!!!


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Today, 18th March 2016, marks a very special day for me and my fiancé! We are now one year as an engaged lovely, sweet couple!!! Happy Engagement Anniversary D&K!!! Yey!!! :D :D :D

I can't help but look at my ring he gave me, last year 18th March 2015. It's beautiful, like our love for one another. ^_^

I love my fiancé!!!

Here's a link to our Engagement Story last year, if you'll be interested. Click HERE.

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