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How To Be Thirty?

Hi everyone! It's first day of March! What's up? I hope you're all having a good, lovely day! :)

Anyway, today, I found an article which I find interesting. An article to prepare all the 1986 birth year out there, to young adulthood. There were some questions to answer to gain insight into personal wants and needs, and that will hopefully be easier to make key decisions about jobs and relationships.

Being thirty this year, 2016, kind of excites me! At the same time, well, I don't know how to be thirty??? *Shouting deep in side.* "Errrr, Help! I'm turning thirty. How to be one?" HAHAHA!

I answered the 7 Life Questions Before Turning Thirty. It made me know more myself and happy to be me. Ohhh, BTW, before I really started reading it, I told myself... "I hope, I know the answers." LOL! :)
I continued reading then the article replied me, "Keep in mind that there's no right answer to any of these questions, and your responses may change over time. The point is to start thinking about what you hope to accomplish in your lifetime — and how you'll make it happen."

* R E A D  &  K N O W  M E  M O R E. *
I decided to post it on my blog, in preparation for my 30 years of age. LOL! And I think, this will be fun to look and read again, once I'm 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 years of age. :D :D
1. If I were to die tomorrow, would I feel satisfied with my life?

In my 29 years turning 30 years here on earth. I can say, I've learned to live ~ to accept, forgive and move on.

I've learned to be happy in simple things and not to be emotionally attach to things, because I cannot bring it on heaven. Rather focus on my inner thoughts, heart and desires to become the better version of myself and share it to others whom I love, and care the most.

I love my life! And If my time comes because God wants me to be an angel in heaven ~ I can say, I'm happy with my life. Thank you very much for this wonderful gift! :)

2. What is my unique value proposition?

I am a gift from Above and unique in every way. I don't focus on one thing to be a pro. I love to multitask, and have different ideas/perspective on a subject. I cannot say, it's good or bad because for me, I think, it's perfectly working 99.9% good. LOL! The 0.01% is sometimes I've missed and so needs improvement to be 100%. :D :D

I have to always improve myself, and change for the better.

I can't promise to focus on one talent, right now... Because I think, why not do everything if you can and have all the energy to try? Have all the experience and the background. I know, it doesn't always work like that, I'm on the middle of this point where I am realizing and thinking, where can I be a pro? And increase my worth or self value? (in life, where you're in such a market place.)

I want to have my own business in the future, where I can use my talents and enjoy at the same time. Earning money on my passion! Isn't that cool? ;)

3. Who inspires me most?

Jack Ma and Mark Zuckerberg inspires me the most! They have this fun and passion to improve themselves every now and then. Be the best version of themselves and share it to others. They made a sensational change to the world in terms of business and communication. Now, they are one of richest people in the world who still continue to improve themselves, make newer and better versions of what is currently good for everyone.

Lastly, I really like them both because they know how to give thanks ~ sharing is caring. They always share what they have  achieved to the less fortunate ones.

I want to be like them! Successful with a good heart. :)

4. Why do I get up in the morning?

I get up in the morning to attend my role here on earth. Enjoy the gift of every life's stages/moments. Appreciate life and be thankful. Be a good role model to others and share my blessings. Take care of myself, be happy and share everything what I can offer, love, friendship, hope, peace and happiness. :)

5. How much did I learn today?

A LOT! Learning is always a continuos process. :)

6. Who do I love, and have I told or showed them lately?

I love my friends, family and my other half. I always make sure they do know I care for them. If they are sad, I'm also sad. If they are happy, I'm more than happy for them! :D

7. What is my definition of success?

My definition of success is when you're feeling happy or good about yourself because you shared your happiness to others.

An example is that... You're feeling good because one goal from your bucket list was successfully achieved. You did one awesome job! Simple things of rewarding yourself from the fruits of your labor/hard work, and sharing your blessings to others, will just double the happiness. Knowing you made someone happy because you shared your happiness is just more rewarding!
Click 7 Life Questions Before You Turn 30 for the full article. Reflect and enjoy!
Happy 30 years old to all the beautiful, awesome, people born on 1986 like me! Cheers! :)

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