Friday, 11 March 2016

Flower Story 2016

Hi everyone! This post will be kind of new because this is just all about me and my flower stories. Lol! :D

First and foremost, the flowers below were all from my supeeeeeeer sweet fiancé! I am very happy to have him as my best friend and husband-to-be! 

It's only March and yet I received soooo many lovely roses and liliies. "Everyday with you is Valentines Day!" ^_^

My first roses was with chocolates last 12 January. Down below was the photo and caption on FB. :)

"My first roses for the year 2016. Last night, my fiancé reached home with bags of groceries and 3 lovely roses. When I saw the flowers, I was already thinking, "Did I forget something? What's the day today?" Lol!  

He took one of the items from the plastic bag and together with the roses, he gave me the chocolates. On my mind, "It's not our Monthsary yet." And before I asked, he already answered me... 

"This is to reward you as the Best Fiancée ever!" 

Hahaha! Naks naman! Bolero talaga! Kaya love na love kita ehhh. Thank you my king! You made me LOL. You are the best! I love you! ❤️"

My second flowers I got was the beautiful lilies. ^_^ 29/01/2016

No occasion at all. My fiancé happily surprised and gave me! I am such a lucky fiancée. I love my king and the lilies! :)

PS. 30th January was my grandfather's birthday. He's in heaven now, since 2010! We offered the flowers and lighted a candle the next day. I know, for sure, my grandfather was happy. ^_^

My third flower for the year, 2016 was 5 red roses! I got it on the night before the Valentines Day, 13th February. 


It was also our very first MPC, the next day. We celebrated Heart's Day with new found MPC couple classsmates and presenting couple! We attended a mass in CJC, enjoyed the day with good foods in PS. Cafe, talked, played and just full of love. :)

My fourth flowers was 5 purple/red lovely roses! It was soooo cute! I reached home, after work and saw on the bed ~ 5 roses, a Hello Kitty box full of chocolates and a sweet love note from my Mr. Awesome. I was actually excited to read the note! Hmmm, what a happy start of the month, 1st March 2016.
Thank you, Danni! You are very sweet, and yes, I am happy to be with you! :)

My 5th flower for the year was last Tuesday, 8th March 2016, The International Women's Day. It was pink and white/pink roses! Sweet like candy to look at. I wasn't celebrating this before until He started to introduced this to me, 2 years ago. This is the second year I got flowers on 8/3.

The photo above was  after I went for a buffet dinner with my SRC colleagues. I was surprised again to reach home and see those lovely flowers and my fiancé waiting for me!
I honestly felt appreciated as a woman! I thank God above for blessing me my fiancé, who is always making me feel special and loved! I am such a happy fiancée! :)

My Instagram post 2 years ago. How time flies! ^_^

A photo posted by Silver Cake (@honeykaye21) on

I think, I will update this post again once I received another one, two, three, four or mooooore! Hehehe! I love you my king! I hope, I'm loving you same way you're loving me or more. 👑❤️😊

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