Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My Goals for the Year, 2016

Hello everyone! I know it's already February but it's better late than never, riiiiight? ^_^

I will try to update this every now and then. I have honestly a lot of to do listssss on my kawaii Coletto calendar! I downloaded it 2 weeks after New Year and very happy with it! I've got tons of new cool applications on my phone actually. LOL! Ohhh yeah! I almost forgot, changing phone on or before March too, should be on my list. My two years contract is done by March! :)

Some of my goals were carried over from last year, 2015. Hehehe! I won't say, I failed it because I was happy doing other things. HAHAHA! Excuses. Ok, ok... I will do my best. ;) xx

1. Learn to bake cakes and muffins.
2. Visit Philippines on May for some wedding requirements and holidays! :)
3. Apply for US/Schengen visa. (March)
4. Visit Philippines again on June for our wedding and big family gathering!!! :D
5. Attend the PR application, me and my fiance. (June)
6. Do OT ~ 3 to 4 times a week. *Crossed finger*
7. Home cook ~ 4 times a week, 1 treat day in a week, Saturday flexi ~ king's meal for the queen or outside meal.
8. Two (2) movies in a month.
9. Washing clothes every Thursdays.
10. Fridays is room cleaning day!
11. Lose at least 5-6kg. Target weight is 45-48kg.
12. Exercise, run/jog ones or twice a week. Do some hula-hoop and jumping rope while watching TV or listening to music at least everyday or thrice a week.
13. Join a 5K / 10K marathon with my king.
14. Go to church every first Sunday of the month.
15. Wake up early on 6 Sundays, 6AM, starting 14th of February till 20th March 2016.
16. Encourage my king to do PhD.
17. Read news everyday.
18. Learn to properly and effectively communicate. No shouting, always calm and kind. No talking of nonsense and make people feel bad.
19. Save for the future wedding and honeymoon with my king.
20. Read a book.
21. Blog laaaah :P (Making sure, KISS -> Keep It Simple and Short)
22. Learn to drive.
23. Make a scrapbook.
24. Check YOUR calendar, Kristine!!! LOL! LOL! :D :D
25. Visit one of the nearest seven wonders of the world.
26. Pray and sleep early.


  1. I will help you my Queen!
    Cheers for a happy 2016! :)
    I love you! ❤

    1. Thank you very much my Mr. Cool Awesome Fiance!
      Happy 2016 and I love you too! <3 :)

    2. Thank you very much my Mr. Cool Awesome Fiance!
      Happy 2016 and I love you too! <3 :)


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