Friday, 12 February 2016

KTM Resort, Batam, Indonesia 2016

Hi everyone! I just want to share a short video clip of our fun Chinese New year 2016 in Sekupang, Batam Indonesia. :)

Watch and enjoy!

If you like the place on our video, better check this out: How To Go To Batam, Indonesia. Relax and pamper yourself on one of the resorts or hotels away from the busy city of Singapore. It's a lot cheaper than a staycation in Singapore hotels. One night and two days in Batam will do. Just don't forget to bring an awesome company with you!

Ohhh BTW, we also had a great seafood lunch at Aneka Selera! Stay tuned for this seaside Batam restaurant!


  1. Excellent video, thank you for sharing. I was recently here and saw the same fish. If you want to visit the best spa in the world, be sure to advise you to go there. Good luck to you.


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