Monday, 8 February 2016

CNY Shopping 2016

Hi everyone! How's Chinese New Year so far? I hope you're all having a good time these holiday season! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! :)

Anyway, today, I just want to share what I shopped with my fiance this Chinese New Year 2016. Yeeeey! Thank you very much my king for all these lovely stuffs! I'm a lucky fiancee! Thank yoooooou!

I miss shopping accessories and some girly cute stuffs! The cute earrings and bracelets were only $12. It was on sale! Lucky me! I bought a new white bag, $30, almost the same with my college bag, my sweet sister gave me before. New cool summer sunglasses, for only $7, with a lovely gold frame and I super looooove it! Ice cream sacks which are soooo adorable and very comfortable, for only $3. I actually tried it last night and slept with it, wearing pajamas! So relaxing! Hmmm... I also bought pink tweezers, for $3, because I forgot my makeup kit in the office with my tweezers, and I need a new good and pink one! :)

CNY Forever 21 Goody Shopping :)
This was unexpected shopping and I guess, I was actually on the mood to pick some cute, cute stuffs. Hahahaha! Thank you again for coming, shopping and patiently waiting for me, my king! And yes, for surprising me to sponsor all these kawaii stuffs! Thank yooooou! :)

PS. I'm also thinking to get their hair brush. It was only $4 but I'm still thinking about it. ^_^

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