Friday, 5 February 2016

CNY Batam Trip

Hi everyone, since we all have a loooong holiday for this coming week. Me and my friend, Dhy, (together with our king) decided to have a short getaway in Batam, 20 km away from Singapore or just 1.5 hrs. away (by ferry) from the busy city of Singapore.

How to Go to Batam from Singapore?

1. Decide and book the hotel/resort where you want to stay.

2. There are 4 ports in Batam so to save money and time, know the nearest port where your hotel/resort is.

For this trip, we booked a two bedroom cottage at the KTM Resort, (from They have a very lovely sea view which we are really super excited of!!! Checking from the map, the nearest port to this beautiful resort is Sekupang.

KTM Resort. Credits to Agoda for this photo. :)
3. After booking the accommodation, and checking which port is the nearest to our prefered resort. We booked the ferry tickets at Batamfast.

SG to Sekupang, $9
Sekupang to SG, $11
Terminal Fee + Surcharge, $14 + $14
Total: $48/passenger

4. Alright, everything is booked. Ready your passport and some stuffs to bring with you.

My Things To Bring :)

Undies + Liners
Toothbrush + Toothpaste
Shampoo + Conditioner
Swimming suits
Summer clothes: T.Shirt + Sleeveless + Shorts
Dress for dinner
Cash (IDR)
Beauty Kit
Slippers + Flat Shoes

For my fiance, it's easy for him to decide. I will just check his stuffs, but mostly summer clothes! :) 

5. Enjoy, have fun and take a lot of photos!!! :)

I'm really excited for our short holiday! Massage finally!!! Yeheeeeeey!

Happy weekend everyone and Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! :)

You might be interested checking our staycation experience in Batam with this hotel, KTM Resort. Click HERE and let me know what you think! Happy Watching! :)

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