Friday, 22 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016 !!!

Aloha everyone! Apologize for my loooooooong absence. It was indeed a very busy December 2015 for me, in terms of work, extra curricular activities, parties and holidays! LOL! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays too!!! :D

"It's not the years in life but the life in years that matters the most. May your life be always full of life!"
Moreover, please also forgive me if I never had my "Year End Post 2015." (Well, I'm more on like talking to myself.) I was sooooo enjoying the busy holidays! Beautiful and treasured moments with colleagues, friends, my family and of course, with my Mr. Awesome, fiancé! It was a lot of fun, decorating Christmas trees, organizing Christmas parties and planning the season holidays.
Okaaaaaaay, enough with the excuses. LOL! 2016 is here and just starting! I can see shining bright lights, learnings along the way and the lovely future is waiting!
My calendar is full of okay and fun activities already until August this year!!! HAHAHA! Here's the legend about it... If I say okay, I'm expecting okaaay lah. LOL! And if I say fun!!! Ohhh yeah, it's definitely amusing, enjoyable, witty and entertaining! HAHAHA!

Some Major Events For The Year 2016

Well, at least, for me!!! (:
Cheers to 30 years old for me on May!!! "OMG! How to be 30 actually?"  I have no idea. We were laughing with this age when we we're 26. HAHAHAHA! I miss the girls ~ Cliodna's and I'm very happy, I still have them as my girlfriends. :)
D&K June Wedding!!! I'm super excited and confident, I'll be a lovely June bride! My June awesome "James Bond" groom will be waiting for me in front of the altar. We will be surrounded with our loved ones, our families and trusted friends. Ohhh my! What a lovely imagination playing on my mind now! I love my fiancé! ♥♥♥
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Our Sweet Honeymoon!!! Ohhhh yeah! When I was young, I've been dreaming of this holiday! I mean, I can call a "real honeymoon!!!" HAHAHA! And this year, me and my soon-to-be husband will have our sweet honeymoon!!! Cool & Looooove!!!
Aloha Married Life!!! Change name, change status, etc., etc.! I'll soon become a wife, a cool and sexy one! (I don't always use sexy, but this post is an exemption.) I will continue to be beautiful, sweet, loving, cool and hot, sexy wife. Ohhh yeah! Lucky fiancé! LOL! I will have someone I can call hubby, my husband. Hehehe! I think, I will need some practice on this kind of endearment; and I will start practicing after the wedding. For now, I'm really enjoying and indeed very happy, I have someone I can call "my fiancé," and at the same time he calls me, "fiancée." :)

White Christmas!!! Well, we will see. We won't have leave days anymore by the time of December 2016 comes. And soooo, crossed finger on this White Christmas, for now. ;)
OMG!!! I am super-dupeeeer excited! I feel like, I have a new huuuuuuge book, I need to fill of lovely stories, I will personally experience ~ special moments with my loved ones, my fiancé and his loved ones, my family and good friends! I cant wait! Let's go and bring it on, 2016!!!
PS. Many thanks to my Mr. Awesome who continued my website name subscription. I love you! ♥

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