Thursday, 19 November 2015

November Bonus Update

Hi myself! Hi everyone! These past few weeks, I wasn't able to update my Weekend Challenge. I apologize. I am not really feeling well. I hope, this post will somehow make it up.

Before, I wrote this, I was thinking, I'm sick, always almost everyday. I hate the month, but after writing this, it made me feel more thankful about everything! :)

It's not that bad after all. It's only half of the month and everything seems all colorful. I am happy to be surrounded with full of love, blessings and angels sent from above. Thank you everyone! Thank you Lord. I have the most awesome life! :D
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01/11/15, Sunday - Last night, we made a Peach Graham Cake again! Ate for dessert during lunch and on the afternoon, we went to Punggol for sight seeing and exploration, horse feeding in Punggol Ranch Gallop Stable, cycling going to Coney Island, and sweet dinner date. :)

03/11/15, Tuesday - Our first Tuesdate Movie Deal for this month of November, The Walk. Great movie about following a dream, chasing and making it into reality. Plus, location is such a HEART to me and my fiancĂ©!!! Paris for me and New York for him! Well, it was a good movie! The narrator was at the same time, the  actor. I like his style for making stories, a lot of adjectives, that even you're just listening, you will enjoy his stories. Watching the movie was a heart stopping/pumping experience, though personally, I find it incomplete and yes, a bit selfish one. It has a sad part, I am sure about it! I miss having movie reviews! :)

06/11/15, Friday - I finally managed to take a photo of our banner, chalk board and balloons. I guess, I'm into online shopping this month! LOL! PS. I was also MC during this day. I'm really sick. Triggered by the bad haze from Indonesia. Kind of stress of all the busy schedules and a lot of changes. I'm OK, I just need more sleep. I cannot stay so late at night anymore because I'll be feeling worse the next day, sneezing and cold, itchy/teary eyes and a bit of dry throat. Haze/hay fever, allergies, rhinitis or IDK. Call it whatever but I don't really like it!!! I hate being sick! >.<

07/11/15, Saturday - My fiancé started playing a new game in PS3 and well, I'm back on the game. I'm playing with my fiancé! :D

08/11/15, Sunday - We had free 4 tickets going to Singapore Zoo and River Safari from ST Electronics, where my fiancé is working. We went and bring Jack and Dhy with us. It was fun! My very first time to see cute koala bears. We watched the sea lion show, visited sexy kangaroos, panda bears and more! We also watched the Night Safari Fire Dance! Thank you STE for the free tickets, to my sweet and cute fiancé and good friends for the lovely day! :)

10/11/15, Tuesday - Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends and Indian people all over the world!!! It's holiday in Singapore! YEY!!! :)

My fiancĂ© surprised me with McDonald's breakfast and lovely roses! He's the sweetest! I love it when my man is feeding me and making sure, I am always full and not hungry! Moreover, we also had some general cleaning at home. My stuff toys were all clean again! PS. My fiancĂ© promised he'll buy me a new big one, that looks like... Hmmm, a stuff toys for girls. I hope, wearing a girl clothes or dress too! HAHAHA! :D

BTW, we also went to Daiso in City Square Mall and bought some stuffs! LOL and twinkling eyes! I love cheap and good deals! We also had some burrito and burrito bowl from Stuff'd and ordered some chicken wings from Wingstop in garlic parmesan (my favourite) flavour and lemon pepper.

We also watched The Walking Dead, from the last episode showed last Sunday, 07/11/15.

We felt like it was weekend during that holiday, Deepavali in Singapore. I wonder if we we're in India...? :)

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of this bonus update. ^_^

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