Saturday, 21 November 2015

" Burn Bridges "

The question was... "Do you know the meaning of burning bridges?"
He answered me literally or let's say I find it as the primary meaning of the word itself. He said, "It's like one of the strategies in war before, your country send armies and use this bridge. Once everyone pass by, they burn this bridge to protect the people from the other side. Win or lose, they cannot go back since no more way for them to return." It's like cutting off the way back to where you came from, making it impossible to retreat.
And for me, I was thinking figuratively. The idiomatic expression of "burning bridges."
"Something like to act unpleasantly in a situation that you are leaving, ensuring no welcome or making a decisions that cannot be changed in the future."
Then, that's the time he played this song... CLICK HERE

Funny how words are with different meaning. Do you burn bridges?

Personally, people should not look back in anger. Life can be complicated sometimes, we may be feeling hurt or we might have hurt someone, but there's always a reason why. Everything happens for a reason. It's like a movie full of different scenes, it can be predictable or unpredictable at times, sad, happy, bad or good, romantic, comedy, action or it can be a horror.  Whatever the ending is... Only God knows. It's a  journey we all need to feel and learn.  We have all the power to make every scene right and lovely.

Don't look back in anger, instead with a smile. Be thankful. You are where you are right now, because of your past. You're stronger and brave than before.

Forgive and cherish the beautiful moments or things that surrounds you. Look at the brighter side of every story. Live without hatred and anger. Make your life more happier by being carefree, grow and learn to trust the world. Believe in freedom and love. And never give up hope. xx

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