Thursday, 1 October 2015


Today, I dreamt about winning of two flight tickets going to New Mexico! Yey!!! The feeling was unbelievable and funny! I can't really believe it because I felt like maybe it was a prank. A caller in my dreams, was one of my gay friends, telling me, my name was there and won! He asked me to check it out if I do want to make it sure. :)

I was confuse but indeed happy deep inside! I was like thinking while telling the good news to my fiance. On my dreams, we can do it for our honeymoon. We can somehow save! HAHAHA! :D :D
Anyway, maybe this is a result of thinking having my own business in the future. It was after work and while walking after the MRT ride going back to our place ~ I suddenly think... "I want to have my own travel agency."

If there's one thing, I believe I am good at... I love good deals, and I'm good at it! One thing more, I love travel yoh! (Feeling cool and dreaming.) LOL!

OK, back to reality. Have a good day everyone! Weekend is coming soooooon! What are you up on this weekend? ;) xx

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