Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi everyone! I think, my Weekend Challenge Update will be a bit delayed. Everything is just so demanding! I don't mention work in almost all of my post, but hell yeaaaaaaaaaah!!! I'm working, okay?! LOL! :D :D

People think I'm not working but yeaaaaaah... I work for a living. There's this saying: "Work to live, or Live to work?" Which one are you? Mine's the first. I work to live, to enjoy life's everything to offer. I don't just live to work. There's more life than just working. Yes, we do need work, but it's just one part of us. A system will work if every part is working happily and healthily. Go out, have fun, make friends, love and share your blessings. Life is short, so do stuffs that matters.
I hope you guys are enjoying the Tuesday and the rest of the week! I can't wait for another weekend to come!!! Peace, Love & Happiness! Free hugs!!! xx

PS. We're going for a movie, Bridge of Spies, Tuesdate Movie Deal later!!! Yey!!!

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