Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My Little Niece: Georgina Celestine

Meet my super, duper cute niece from my second cousin, Ate Lizel. We visited in Layar/Fernvale to see and celebrate Celestine's first month! She was sooooo adorable! Photo below was taken last Sunday, 04/10/2015.

We bought a cake for this cute, little angel! We also ate some spaghetti with bacon, specially cooked by Kuya Nathaniel, Ate Lizel's husband. Honestly, we were scheduled to attend my colleague's brother's wedding, but unfortunately, it was far and already late. We honestly enjoyed chatting and playing with the baby! :) 

Hello, I'm Georgina Celestine. I'm one month old today and I just woke up. ^_^

We left the place close to 4PM. Can you guess where we've been? It looks honestly a bit of Paya Lebar for me, but no... We're in Fernvale, Sengkang and on the 20th floor. :)
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We ended our day exploring inside Seletar Mall. It was my second time here. We bought some stuffs from Watson ~ an after shave and facial wash for my fiancĂ©, and an exfoliating clay for me to try! HAHAHA! My first time to use. Excuse my curiousness to try stuffs! :D :D

We went back home, and I fell asleep. I'm a bit sick and I blame it to my period and the haze! LOL! Ohhh by the way, special mention to my fiancĂ© who bought and surprised me with purple and flowers! He went missing and I found him at a flower shop! HAHAHAHA! Sobrang makuleeeeet talaga! I love my king! ♥

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