Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Movie Review: The Martian (2015)

Finally! We managed to be inside the cinema again last night, Tuesdate Movie Deal! Yey! HAHAHA! My fiancé keeps asking me to watch this movie since last, last week. But due to our 2 movies per month rule, we waited for October! And last, last Tuesday, we were also with friends for dinner and good chat.
Anyway, the movie was awesome with IMDb Rating: 8.3/10 from 88,909 users. 
We love it because it's a movie combined with adventure, drama and Sci-Fi! The actor played as Mark Watney (Matt Damon), the astronout who was left behind in Mars due to an unexpected storm happened during their mission. He was indeed good and bright! He did everything to survive, 1.5 years in Mars and alone. He learned to use his poop to make a healthy soil, and plant potatoes for his food, made water using heat, used isotope for him to drive and explore Mars, learned binary to communicate and coding to hack for an easier communication to planet earth.

Basically I personally find this movie different from all of the other outer space movie. Why? Simply because this movie is more about surving Mars or having hope for whatever happens in your life or expedition/mission to outer space as an astronaut or scientist. Being clever, brave and hopeful are some of the most common ingredients to survive the unexpected things happening in life.

This movie also shows how a good team should be like, with mutual trust and friendship, indeed a great camaraderie!

Watch this movie if you want to have an idea on how life of an astronaut looks like in outer space. How good calculations of everything, specially food, gas and distance works in a mission! How good sense of humor works in a every sad and alone life situation. Everything can actually be related and implemented to life. A good movie with a very creative imagination of the future life in outerspace and Mars.

PS. After this movie, me and my fiancé are looking forward for a good travel adventure in outerspace in the future! We're determined to save for it! LOL! :D :D 

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