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Halloween Horror Night 2015

Hello Singapore! Hello world and everyone! I'm here again for another entry on The Weekend Challenge Update!

Last Saturday night, me, my fiancé and friends, Dumi and Yamuna, went to a fun filled adventure in Universal Studios Singapore ~ The Halloween Horror Night 2015. It was all our first time, except for Yamuna who came two years ago and attended this spooky night. She was the one who excitedly encouraged and arranged this great, enjoyable night! She told us that the theme will be ghost in Singapore, so the moment we reached at USS, we already have the idea! She also added that it was based or creatively designed by the famous Singaporean horror book author. 

The places to visit inside the awesome themed park, USS, was quite a number! We kind of feel that USS is a little city inside Singapore mixed with magic, fantasy and adventure. All children or everyone, people of all ages would definitely loved to visit! Aside from that mostly all of the fun and heart pumping rides were open during that night. There was this vibe that we're in a very different place! It was our first time to be there during late night!

It was fun and tiring in a way because of sooooo much queuing! Honestly, that was my longest queue ever! HAHAHAHA! Outside was 60 minutes but then again, OMG!!! We were in lined for The MRT Ghost House for 1 hour and 45 minutes, close to 2 hours!!! OMG! I was honestly expecting worst! But then again, it was fun! A lot of people, yesss, but the experience was simply fun with my fiancé, friends, fake ghosts and other people! It was worth it after all. Other places was the same, 90 or 180 minutes of waiting! I feel a bit sorry for people who loved to take photos. You cannot really take photos or videos inside. I guess, they specially didn't allow videos and cameras to encourage everyone to visit and see personally! One good business strategy! It's just a bit upsetting because, no matter how early you are, you won't gonna finish everything in one visit because of the non-stop looooong queue, unless you're willing to pay extra for the special non-queue tickets. Additional $50.

We were kind of thinking, that it was obvious they don't limit the number of people who can go to the themed park and attend this Halloween Night. Everything is properly arranged for circle, circle snake line! LOL! One post, a circle snake line, another post, another circle snake line. If I'm not wrong there was 7 or 8 circle snake post line on that MRT House queue, plus another straight loooong line.

Anyway, you won't really feel so bad because outside were a lot of monsters too! Rides were awesome and worth to queue. Weekend morning/afternoon crowd were almost the same. Proper queuing system is expected! Almost everyone in Singapore are very discipline! By the way, snacks and drinks were all around the corner too!

After visiting one scary place, (The MRT) and queued for almost like 2 hours, we went and searched for a ride to at least relax ourselves with rush and huge excitement! We opted for The Mummy Ride! One of the many rides I super loved in USS. If you guys never tried it before, better give it a shot! Make sure to always smile because there's a camera that will definitely capture your funny face whether you're ready or not. HAHAHAHAHA! By the way, don't forget to put your hands up for a more great and super exciting adventure!!!

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I think if I'm not wrong, we tried almost everything ~ True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT, Conterminated, Siloso Gateway Blk 50, Hell House and The Invaders, except for one, The Tunnel House. It was late and closed when we pass by. The queue was not that long anymore after pass 12MN. We left the place close to 2AM. We were very lucky to catch a cab because we were honestly dead tired of standing, walking and queuing specially. LOL! We also managed to watched the awesome screen play presentation at the Beast Club. Their Halloween makeup was quite serious and fierce, except for the big brown bear which was funny, the way he walks and run. LOL! He's just too big and looks quite heavy! :D :D

We also managed to ride the Transformers. It was kind of indoor roller coaster with 3D Transformer robot movie and using 3D glasses to make you feel more cool! LOL!

Other rides that was opened that Horror Night were the two red and blue scary roller coaster. Yamuna doesn't really want to ride, so we had to skipped it. Anyway, the queue was also extra, extra looooong! I have two free tickets, so me and my fiancé will be back soon in USS and finally ride those roller coaster together! The last time we went was close for renovation. I tried it before, the first time was with Aira, my friend and ex-roommate. We were with other friends but only the two of us was quite brave enough to try! LOL! (Just kidding.) It was indeed so much fun! I managed to overcome my fear of roller coaster rides, or those kind of scary rides, my mom created when I was young. I was not allowed to ride those stuffs! I grew up in fear of riding roller coater. For my mom, it was all dangerous and no questions! >>.<<  HAHAHA! I miss my mom! :)

To end this post, I am encouraging everyone to try the Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Singapore. It's opened only until 31 October, during weekends starts on Friday until Sunday night. The last week of October will be open starting on Thursday evening until Saturday. This is ONLY once in a year, and they change theme every now and then! Click here for more information about the ticket price and discounts! We bought four with $10 discount for each normal admission tickets, instead of $68, it was only $58/pax. :)
By the way, two of my most favourite that night! Look forward for the HDB Blk Haunted House in this Horror Night! The Indian unit is just funny frightening! The MRT bridge is kind of unique and will make you feel dizzy walking! LOL!

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