Friday, 30 October 2015

Fun Lazy Weekend

Allright, since our system is down, I'll happily write about a post for The Weekend Challenge Update. Yey!

Last Saturday, me and my fiance went to Jollibee and eaaaaaat a lot! HAHAHAHAHA! LOL! Two Aloha Burgers and french fries + coke for him; and mine was Spaghetti and chicken + french fries and coke! Hmmmmmmm, yummy! I was super full!

Moreover, last Sunday, IDK, but I was very lazy to go out but in the mood of soooooo much cooking! LOL! I woke up early like 9:30AM and prepared breakfast. It was something like pansit canton and mixed with green and red paprika. I also made some tuna spread with cabbage cut into like coleslaw.

* I started this entry last 27/10/2015 * 
Apologize for the delay. I wasn't able to continue since I'm still really a bit busy and adjusting? LOL! 

Anyway, back to my last weekend. I made some Adobo for our sweet lunch. My fiance really likes it and I'm very happy! It's very easy to feed him! I cannot remember a menu that I cooked and he didn't like. I feel sooooo cool! HAHAHA! And guess what for our dinner? It was simple and not so perfect fish and chips. LOL! We don't have flour, that's why. >.< 

Moreover, I'm finally back with my Instagram and uploaded one photo. My date was wrong though. LOL! I thought, it was Sunday, but after seeing my camera roll, it was late Saturday. Well, OK, considered as Sunday's starting. 

His mojito is just so AWESOOOOOME! He made me of something like frozen and the not so frozen one, a bit of mix, that's why. HAHAHA! It's very good! We can actually already sell one! By the way, I find my glass s sexy! What do you think? Next time, it would be nice to sip this under the sun or let's say, at the beach and sun bathing. Daydreaming of a holiday! Ohhhhh yeah! Let's go my king!!! :D

Moreover, the red velvet comes from Cold Storage. My fiance surprised me for a sweet peace offering. HAHAHAHA! I love you, baby! You are very sweet, and the red velvet too! Someday soon, I'll bake cupcakes too! And yes, we also watched a movie! It was As Good As It Gets, a good movie from 1997. I liked it since it will make you think of what will happen next. What love can bring you to twist and turns! Definitely to happiness! It was also funny because the main character, Melvin, was a writer and an OC. One of his very unique trait as an OC was he cannot step into lines, wherever he goes ~ in streets, shops and wherever. LOL! Watch it and enjoy! I think the actor, Jack Nicholson, played the role very well! 

PS. I'm feeling the "weekend feels" again! Happy Halloween everyone! Peace, Love & Happiness! xx

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