Friday, 23 October 2015

Food: Hai Di Lao Huo Guo

Here comes the Sunday's fun, last 18 Oct. 2015. I organized a joyful filled dinner with my sister and friends. It was not honestly super organized/planned since it was on the day/same day "hello-let's-have-dinner-kind-of-invitation. Fortunately, all was my good friends so anytime rush, unexpected event is okay. I love you all my good friends! :)

Moreover, Ate Cathy, Dhy's sister and also my ex-roommate back with the girls is here. Their youngest brother is also having his sembreak here! It was a good opportunity to finally meet up again last Sunday! It was like "Siblings Day" for all us, plus our man! Yey!!! :)

The fun dinner happened in Clarke Quay. Me and Dhy was looking for the restaurant we wanted to visit last time, we had dinner in Hooters. (I will try to make a late post about it.) LOL! It was with a band, but unfortunately we went to another way. LOL! LOL! We're bad with directions! We made everyone walk and follow! Finally, we ended up in Hai Di Lao Huo Guo for a good soup, hot pot night! It was a good and fun experience! Let me tell you why... :)

The location is on the second floor of one of the buildings in Clarke Quay. It was kind of unique since we need to use an elevator. The moment the elevator door opens, it was already the restaurant!

We took photos while waiting. The waiting was... I can say was fun and okay because I'm with my happy crowd! The restaurant also started to gave some freebies, the ice teas with two flavors, chamomile and winter melon, all are indeed amazing! The green plate, my fiance said looks like for kindergarten students comes with different snacks to eat, like fruits and something looks like a dog food. Everyone was laughing about it but it was goooooood!

Two minutes before we'll have our table, the waitress gave a Rubik's Cube. We thought, we need to wait more but it was an opportunity to have a $6 discount on our total bill if our group manage to solve it. Unfortunately, we're having fun and not really enough time to do it. Better luck next time. ;)

The waitress was Chinese. I, myself and everyone wasn't also very familiar with hot pots. LOL! We let Jack, my friend Dhy's husband, order. I told myself, "well, okaaaay, let it be! I want to be amaze! If I'll be full and my fiance, hopefully everyone would be awesome!" HAHAHA! #expectingworst 

We ordered two kind of soups for our hot pot. One is spicy, laksa and the other one was like chicken soup. I'm not very sure of, but that was my fiance told me. LOL! Both are honestly good! I prefer the white one though. :)

We're about to start and asked for a photo. Thibs up for everyone was friendly inside and very helpful. I'm still wishing the food will be good here, but asked everyone to make a thumbs up since we're all happy and together! Moreover, were still waiting to boil and cook our food. 

Jack continuously ordered and we're liking it! LOL! If there will be rice, for sure, my stomach will be very, very full! 


We had unlimited soup, non-stop supply for both flavors! We also had unlimited fruits, watermelons and muskmelons, soya desserts, ice teas and ice creams! Awww, we we're honestly all full! My failed expectations were good. I had one of the best hot pot dinner with my love, sister and friends in Singapore!

Here's the Happy Sibling Day photo! We are all happy to have this dinner as this was also something we consider as late birthday celebration for Jack and Mund, both were October celebrants! :)

The Happy Couple Team.

To end this entry. A photo of our total bill, $207 for 8 pax is not bad. The food was good, plus the bonding was simply lovely! And by the way, outside was free manicure! It was just before you really go inside the restaurant. Make sure you have extra time to spend on this fun activity of this unique restaurant in Singapore. One more thing, waiters are sometimes making a presentation, making big circle, of something looks like pasta, and turning it near you or the guests. If you want extra entertainment, just ask, what was that menu. HAHAHA! It was fun to watch!  


For the address and locations, here's Hai Di Lao Huo Guo Facebook. Click Here

I had a lovely weekend, and I thanked the Lord above for everything ~ blessing me with angels here on earth. xx

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