Friday, 23 October 2015

AMK Birthday Fun

Hi there everyone! TGIF!!! Yey! Feels like days gone soooooo fast this week! LOL! Yeah, I'm suuuuuuper busy but I made sure everything was okay, in order and balanced. There's a time for a bit of stress, moving on and next activity in line. This is my life in Singapore and so far so good! I'm happy! :)

Anyway, before this weekend come to fold... Here's a post for The Weekend Challenge Update!!! :)

Last Saturday, 17 Oct. 2015, we attended a birthday party in Ang Mo Kio. The celebrant was Mund, my sister's bf. And yeaaaah, my sister was here!!! I'm very happy to see her! Unfrotunately, we doesn't have a photo together that night. We made a group selfie. It's just that for some reason, I waited for days, no one uploaded. LOL! Anyway, the food was awesome! We had fried chicken, pansit, cake, hotdogs with marsh mallows and letche flan. Drinks were awesome too! We had Baileys, champagne and beer for the guys! I didn't eat that much. IDK why, but we're very full!
Some of the birthday activities were playstation for little Kian (the son of Grace and James) and some of the guys, chatting, and videoke. Well, it won't be complete for Filipino house celebration without singing in a microphone! Do you know that my fiance also sang that night!!! OMG! Believe it or not! His very first time! He sang Paramore's The Only Exception. There was two microphones so we sang together, but more for him singing the song! He's sooooo AWESOME! We went back home like 2AM.

Moreover, my sister brought me a new lens. It's grey in color, one of my favorites! I'm very happy but I won't use that yet since I just opened a new one which is brown in color. I lost my grey one while cleaning! LOL! She also bought us some natural and mixed flavors of Goldilock's polvoron and brownies, which I shared with Dhy and Ate Cathy since it's a lot and we cannot really all finish. She also brought us some white and brown coffees from the Philippines! We had so much imported goods from the Philippines that night, and yeaaaah, till now. :)

By the way, we also met some of their good friends. We talked about weddings, enagagement and life living with a man. LOL!

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