Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Story of Our Cover Photo

OK, this is honestly funny but I'm enjoying it! I mean, when we made this photo! HAHAHA! This post will be an entry for my Weekend Challenge, last weekend for the month of August 2015. Sorry guys, I've been busy around. My sister came here and I felt like a tourist again in Singapore. Well, honestly, always feeling like a tourist. It's nice ~ one of the many fun ways to enjoy this busy and fast paced environment of the Lion city. LOL! Follow and check my Instagram for our travel photos: @honeykaye21

Anyway, this is really too early for Save The Date, but OK, we did it and all our cover photos were updated. LOL! This photo was taken before we went out for some laptop shopping for my king, last Sunday, 30/08/2015. He needed a photo for an article that will be publish in his company! Ohhhhh yeah! That's how cool my fiance is! He's too popular for being ONE GOOD SOFTWARE FOP MASTER!!! His publication, which I mentioned HERE before is sooooo big now, implemented and practiced by everyone inside his company. He's my Mr. Awesome King!!! Good job baby boy!!! One proud lovely queen here! :D :D :D 

He needed a formal photo so we did some funny and enjoyable photoshoot. YEY! His photo above was a real stolen shot. He was fixing his hair and (Ehem!) my good sight captured this moment. I still have a looooot of his photos which I find him soooooo cute, but he doesn't really want. Haaaay nakoh?! Maarte talaga! Hehehe! Huuugs! Moreover, my picture, I haven't put my lipstick here. A bit of eyeshadow and eyebrows only. I was preparing for going out, but then again, photographer duties, my model is calling me. I was having fun! Few shots for me too, and I was surprised, I loooooove it! My model is really a good photographer too!!!

This photo, we played with some red question and exclamation emoticon marks on his side and a red emoticon high heeled shoes on my side, indicating shopping. HAHAHA! After awhile, he said, put our name too. Then I added, maybe our planned wedding date too. And tadaaaaah!!! Save The Date Photo without those funny, funny emoticons! LOL! :D :D

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