Monday, 7 September 2015

Saturday Shopping in Singapore

Hi there beautiful! How was the weekend? I hope you guys enjoyed the Saturday and Sunday's off, and having the energy to start a lovely new week again! Happy Monday everyone! :)

Anyway, do you ever have that experience of feeling tired of your wardrobe? HAHAHA! OK, this past few weeks, I'm having a hard time to choose on what to wear going out. Well, I fixed the clothes inside our cabinet and still the same. I feel like... I'm sick and needed some shopping. I kept on delaying because of thinking ~  do I really needed these stuffs on my mind???
Finally, Saturday was the day!!! LOL! I feel so happy, my fiancĂ© encouraged me to go out and shop! He's been asking me looong time ago, but I'm hesitant, undecided if I really do need some shopping. Bringing a woman for shopping is just so AMAZING!!!  I have the best husband-to-be eveeeer! (Hmmmm, I honestly think, I'm "a bit" getting used to this husband and wife words now. LOL!)
I'm very happy for all the new things, we bought last Saturday!!! My fiance bought me H&M cute necklace and the Revlon face powder. This is my first time to use this Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder. I don't worry since I'm very confident and satisfied with Revlon products ~ from foundation, lipsticks and blush on. I also bought 2 cute ribbons and 3 blouses from H&M. I'm into plain shirts right now; and I love grey color in t-shirts so much! I was sooo happy to see all inside H&M with a good deal!
I've been thinking of a new bag in a budget, for everyday use at work. Charles and Keith is just awesome! They have new designs that looks like Michael Kors handbags ~ elegant and pretty. I super love the pastel color! My very first time to use Charles & Keith handbag! 

PS. I also bought my fiancé a new PS3 game, Dragon Age Inquisition. This is a gift from the queen awarding the king ~ for making her life very happy, colorful and bright! The queen understands that the king needs some adventure in little boys fun games! HAHAHA! I love you my baby boy! I'm the happiest queen! :D

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