Thursday, 3 September 2015

Facebook Real Name Policy, Google & Verizon Logo

Today, my name is officially changed on Facebook due to their Facebook Real Name Policy. To be honest, I feel upset about it. I miss my name, Silver Cake. I used it since year 2010. I consider it as my nickname ~ an otaku with a cute, funny, secret name.

Ohh well, I guess, it's time for a change. :)
Though I honestly feel, this new policy is suuuuch a drag!!! >.< 

For a day, I wasn't able to use Facebook because of the verification process. They required me to submit an ID. There were other options, like library card, license, pay slip and etc. etc. I submitted a cut pay slip and after one day (which is today,) my name was changed with a wrong spelling of my lastname. HAHAHA! I wonder if FB really check it. Anyway, good luck to my fellow other Facebook users who will be force to change their loved nickname to their real name in the next coming days. My fiance received this FB update last month and it was quite really surprising!

PS. Google also changed their Logo, as well as Verizon. What are these all sudden change?

I personally don't like Google's new logo. For me, it's like, I went to an eyeglasses website. I 'm feeling soooo old. I needed an eyeglasses. Then I visited the shop and requires me to read Google. HAHAHA! So funny! Their G letter favicon seems too colorful, like rainbow. I prefer simple one maybe??? Or okay, time for a change! :)

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