Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Movie Review: Inside Out (2015)

Last night, me and my fiancé watched a Disney cartoon movie, Inside Out. It was awesome and new! (Release Date in Singapore: 27/08/2015) A very different kind of Disney cartoon movie. It shows all the different kinds of emotions a man is capable of. SPOILER ALERT!!!

Anger | Disgust | Joy | Fear | Sadness
Anger | Disgust | Joy | Fear | Sadness
In the movie, there was a girl, Riley, controlled by all different kinds of emotion ~ Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger and Sadness. They grew up and learned together with Riley. Everyday, they end the day trying to make everything happy and positive. Well, even in Riley's dreams. Joy is always controlling and working overtime, making sure everything is ok and fun! On the other hand, Sadness should always be busy of something ~ reading handbooks and learning past, past memories of Riley. They should make her busy, so not to touch any past and stored memories and make it sad. Even the everyday activity, Sadness should be busy and out as much as possible. It was funny since Sadness looks so lazy but indeed, honestly bright. Fear is making the girl to be always cautious. Disgust giving her the confidence to choose, say yes or no, and Anger to give her the stand of her choice.

Every kind of emotion were interesting. They worked hand in hand and played parts which made the story funny and easy to understand for children and adults. Wonderful and colorful graphics of islands made by Riley's everyday activity, mostly based with her emotions.

There was two scenes in this cartoon, made everyone inside the movie house became sad. I almost cried. Well, OK, I cried a bit. Yes in a cartoon! LOL, excuse my drama. LOL! It was soooo sad. Bingbong, the little Riley's imaginary friend when she was young lost their "special funny spaceship." That was their only memory together. It was the spaceship they believed to be bringing them on to the moon. Joy tried everything to make him at least feeling okay but unexpectedly, only Sadness made Bingbong feeling fine. Another scene was the saddest part for me, when Joy and Bingbong fell down in the lost memory and trying to go out or climb up using the "special funny spaceship." Bingbong was starting to lose his hands, as an effect of being in the lost memory place. They were too heavy to go together and climb up. The only choice was Bingbong to give way and stay down of the lost memory so Joy can go out and save the girl. It was very sad. Joy also cried.

Anyway, the moral of the story, sadness is important in ones feeling. We cannot take for granted sadness. We need to feel it for us to move on, totally away from sadness. There's always a time in our life, whether we like it or not, we will be sad and it's normal. We need to accept, feel it and just be sad. Once we accept and feel it... After a while, there's Joy, the learning of a certain situation what made us sad will make us more better, and the support from all the loved ones is just heart-warming and very encouraging. It's okay to be sad but never dwell on it.

One more thing, I specially want to mention, this movie is absolutely fun for all age. They ended the story with a new system for all the emotions to work with again. I'm looking forward for the second movie already!!! I want the part 2! And yes, I want to watch it again and again. It would be nice to watch it with my little brothers though! Aww, I miss them! <3

PS. I just want to say a VERY, VERY BIG, HUGE THANK YOU to my Mr. Awesome who is always with me to brigthen up my day. Thank you for the movie and huuuuuuuugs! :)

Last night without looking IMDb, my personal rating: 8.6, my fiancé was 8.7 ^_^

Making this post, I want to give 8.9 and watch it again!!! :D :D

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