Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Goal Update 2015

Two days ago, I was browsing my blog and came to my second post last January: My Goals for the Year, 2015. I was reading, and somehow reflecting. I was making comments on my mind, like... "I'm done with it; Ohh, this needs improvement; ongoing; and Uh-oh, I wasn't able to do this!" I can't stop but thinking and do laugh. It was funny!

13 out of my 25 goals, I considered as done and ongoing ~ a goal project which I need to adapt, some were probably no end date or more for a long term ~ to improve myself and take care of my fiancé.

10, is in need of me to work it out. It's good to have read them and remind me once in a while. 2, were in red and wasn't able to do. Nonetheless, I have my reasons why.

How about you? How's your list of goals so far? You're maybe almost all done. Wooow, you did a good job! But if you're same with me, it's okay, let's continue to work it out! We can always do it! Yeeeey! Rock 'n Roll! \m/

PS. I still have other goals, dreams and vision in life, more on for a long term and future. Those listed in my post are just the current ones for this year, 2015, fun goals I intend to achieve and continue for the better version of myself. :)

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