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Adventure Cove Waterpark

Hi everyone! Have you been to Adventure Cove! If not, better book your tickets now! Experience the fun, thrill and excitement; enjoy the sun and the water all in one place!!!

Yesterday, 11/09/2015, was a public holiday in Singapore due to general elections. We took advantage of the day and went to Sentosa for Adventure Cove.

We book the tickets online which is really a looooot more cheaper! $46 for 2 of us, each was only $23, instead of direct booking, $36 each per pax. Awesome deal, right?! Book HERE!!!

Moreover, we reach there like around 11:20AM. We took a small locker just in front of the entrance for $10, good for the whole day. There was also a big locker which cost $20 and good for a family or group of friends.

Insider Tip: We found out that there were lockers in the middle of the themed park. Get a locker in the middle, near the Rainbow Reef. It's more accessible if you want to get your camera for pictures, or money for buying water, lunch or snacks.

Since we were near the entrance, we first tried the Adventure River. It was so fun! We took a one big turn with a donut float bringing you to different kind of places. One was with the dolphins statues with wings and turtles statues with 3 heads, a jungle cave which is dark and some water is falling above, and also in a tunnel with fishes and sting rays, swimming above and around you. It was so fun!

What I love about it? There was music and sounds of birds, closing your eyes and just letting your body float on the water is just so relaxing! We managed to try the Adventure River twice. Relaxing was after we had our lunch and tummies are full. Unfortunately, I don't have my GoPro Hero3+ to capture the moments. The waterproof casing was broken and I cannot find a replacement. (Any advice where I can buy one, pleaaaase?)

Insider Tip: You can use this Adventure River as a way of relaxing and enjoyable transportation going to another place, inside Adventure Cove. Bring your sunglasses for better experience while on the donut float. Waterproof camera would be perfect to capture the fun adventure. :)

Next stop was, Bluwater Bay! We definitely enjoyed the waves. It brings back of some happy memories of my childhood vacation holiday in Bicol with my brother, my sister and my cousin. We were using a banana tree body to float and enjoy the wave at Bagolatao Beach or Hamoraon Beach. I cannot really remember but either of those two beautiful beaches in Bicol. Jumping on the waves was just so much fun!!!

Dueling Racer was just next to the Bluwater Bay. We queued for at least 20-25 minutes. I was kind of a bit "first time feeling" here. I do slide upside down, yes, but with no something like a board or the racer mat. HAHA! After the experience, it was okaaaaay. I kind of feel, I want a longer slide with the racer mat! It was fun but I feel like, I want more! It wasn't scary at all, first time feeling is maybe like that. But, one rule for having a happy life, face your fears, and enjoy the ride. :)

The Rainbow Reef was our third stop. This was in my number one bucket list going to Adventure Cove. I love swimming with the colorful fishes! The queue and the waiting time was extra, extra lengthy here! I kind of feel, that the special ticket "express" where you don't need to line and wait is awesomely great idea! PS. We were so surprised to feel the cold water! Outside seems like not a deep water but yes, indeed, it was deep and surprisingly salty! In here, expect and enjoy to see the raibow colors of the underwater world and see a treasure box in the middle! Singapore's idea is just one big heart for me, in terms of technology and creative mind! I'm happy to be here, and with my king! :)

Insider Tip: If you have an extra budget, go for the express ticket. It's worth it inside Adventure Cove! Try everything again and again! Be tired with so much fun! By the way, the goggles are okaaaaay, they do sanitized after use. If you're very conscious with germs, like my aunt, well, bring your own goggles with a tube (the one for breathing or snorkelling.) Moreover, there's a shower 30-50m away, wash yourself after. The water was a bit itchy on my face after the Rainbow Reef fun. :P

After showering, we went back to our locker. We took some cash for lunch. Checked our phones and took the camera. The Bay Restaurant was just near at the Rainbow Reef, so if you have your locker in the middle, it's more convenient. Anyway, we use the travelling back to our locker to see places more inside and took photos after getting stuffs from our locker.

We were both starving. The Bay Restaurant was a savior to our hungry stomach. The service was fast and in big quantity. I wasn't able to finish my mie goreng. I love their cheese fries! My fiancé loves the chicken burger! :D

After lunch, we walked back to our locker and kept our things, camera, phones and wallet. We used the Adventure River going to our next stop. We went and tried almost every slides. It was queue but okaaay... The waiting actually made us more thrilled and excited! At the same time, make fun of each other.

Spiral Washout and Whirlpool Washout are just next to each other. You can choose on top where you want to slide. It doesn't matter where you actually queue so my advice is go to the shortest queue. If you want to try both, then queue again. My fiancé and I, personally feel that we prefer the Whirlpool Washout than the Spiral Washout. It's kind of more exciting ~ the revolutions, twists, turns and dips before spilling out into the pool is just so awesome and fun! On the other hand, the Spiral Washout seems like you're sliding and falling down on a tube which is also a heart pumping experience!

The next one we tried was the Riptide Rocket. Do you know that this is the first hydro-magnetic coaster in Southeast Asia? OMG! You must definitely try it!!! The experience was just sooooooo SUPERB! The water, slide, rollercoaster, me, my fiancé and the boat float with a flat seat all together in one! OMG! It combines all the powerful climbs, plunging drops, terrifying twists and tight turns to set your adrenaline pumping. Must definitely try in Adventure Cove! It was worth the wait. I mean, the queue.

We were on queue when we saw another slides. It was kind of hidden and actually, not a lot of people going, in our surprise. I told my fiancé, we go directly there after the Riptide Rocket. We don't really know what we were trying. Honestly, I was just excited for the Rainbow Reef when we went to Adventure Cove. LOL! Anyway, back to the story, it was the Pipeline Plunge and Tidal Twister. Two another slides all together again. We tried both and queued. The second one was we were the last one to try so no more queue.

I kind of feel these two slides compared to the Whirlpool and Spiral Washout are much more longer and I think, exciting! It was a different kind of excitement, since inside the slide was all dark. You won't see the way and all you need to do is wait for the end and enjoy the fun of the slide will give you. There were also small lights inside. It was in different colors, and then dark parts of the slide again! Me and my fiancé, personally prefer the Tidal Twister. The passage is unpredictable, dark and fast speed. On the other hand, Pipeline Plunge is a lot of twist and turns in the dark. Both are indeed so much fun!!!

Some of the things we saw but wasn't able to try were Splashworks, Seahorse Hideaway and Big Bucket Treehouse. There were more for little kids but I'm looking forward to go there again and try Splashworks and jump into the water. They said that the water was deep! I want to try. Who knows, it gonna be a practice for me to jump on a cliff. Well, I mean cliff diving. I always want to try it!

Moreover, I am also curious of the Ray Bay. We wasn't able to visit it due to a lot of queueing. IDK. We kind of just didn't see it. We were in Riptide queue when I told my fiance, after that slide we'll look for Ray Bay but we saw another slide so we gave it a try first not knowing what time it was. We didn't realize it was already 6PM. Riptide is still on queue and almost everyone was washing themselves and queuing the toilet. HAHA! Yessss, everything is on queue in Adventure Cove.

We wash our hair at the outside showers since toilet was full! After that, we went out and changed ourselves in an outside toilet. It was a good idea after all. HAHAHA!

After the Adventure Cove fun, we were thinking to go in Siloso Beach and meet my friend, Madel. It just that, I was kind of thinking for some seafood dinner near Esplanade, The Makansutra Gluttons Bay. On the way, we remembered Bayang Indonesian Cuisine. Finally, we decided to visit Clarke Quay for dinner and some drink in Senor Taco. :)

It was such a lovely day! I'm a happy girl! Thanks to my king who always loves and cares for me. Above all else, I thanked God for blessing me with good and awesome angels, like my fiancé, my friends and family who will be with me for always, to support and love me all the time. Thank you, Lord! :)

God bless everyone and Peace, Love & Happiness! :* xx

PS. This was on my drafts for quite how many days now. I'm kind of busy this past few days, due to schedules and commitments.

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