Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A Day with Sentosa Merlion

Hi there everyone! Do you know Merlion is? If you're staying here in Singapore for quite a while, you must be very familiar with this famous symbol of lion with a fish body, like a mermaid lion or simply The Merlion.

Last Sunday, we went to this big statue of Merlion in Sentosa. The itenerary is to go to USS actually but in a not so favorable day due to a "certain circumstance" to enjoy the day ~ not to waste, time, money and effort, we ended up visiting Merlion. Thank you, Mr. Awesome, for the very bright idea! Thank yoooooou! :)

Movingover, let me tell you about the fun adventure! :)

It was both our first time climbing up. Well, there's actually an elevator inside. We paid $10 for an entrance fee. I thought, it was $12 but for pass holders, a $2 discount! Awesome right?!

Entering, you'll see old movie posters about mermaids and sea weird creatures. You will also see wall paintings, mermaid and dragon statues inside, all the way to the viewing room. A 10-12 minutes interesting show about this famous Merlion symbol of Singapore.

After that, you'll continue the journey and enter to another room, where you can claim a gold coin with a Merlion symbol and Singapore name engraved on it. A very good souvenir if you love collecting one! This room also serves as a waiting lounge for the elevator bringing you on top of the Merlion, 37 metre-tall mythical creature to be precise.

The elevator is fun! I guess, most specially for children and young at hearts. The elevator seems like a submarine with windows seeing the underwater world and climbing on or above the water. It has also sound effects that will add to the experience!

On top, there were two directions going to the lion's mouth or head. You can take a photo and will look like you're inside the lion's mouth. There's also a bell, you can wish first and ring! Merlion brings good fortune so riiiiiing the bell and take the fortune Merlion is sharing with you! On the head of the lion you can enjoy the Sentosa view. Take photos and, and... I cannot think of any because it's actually done! LOL! :D

Ride back to the fun elavator, claim your free ice cream and the Sentosa stuffed toy! Yessss, the entrance fee comes with the free gold souvenir coin, an ice cream and a Sentosa bear stuffed toy!

Honestly, in my personal opinion, this activity is more for a laid back people and old couple cannot really engaged to a more lively activity in Sentosa. It was fun, I swear! The history behind the Merlion in a short clip cartoon was just so amazing! The view on top and the freebies were all awesome too! Quality wise of the gold coin and bear stuffed toy seems good as well. It's just that if this is your first time in Singapore, you may want to just skip this activity and enjoy other attractions in Sentosa that will make you feel more excited and alive.

Give Merlion a shot, if you're staying in Singapore for almost like 5 years and running out of places to visit. If you love history and wants to know more Merlion, the famous statue of Singapore. The history is more fun to know in a graphical cartoon! The entrance fee with it's freebies, I just find it cool and worth it.

PS. Avoid visiting in the middle of the afternoon. The weather is hot! Best to visit during late afternoon, to see the sunset too! For more information regarding entrance fee: Click HERE :)

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