Saturday, 1 August 2015

Wedding Theme Ideas

Hi there everyone! Happy first day of the month, and yey, it's weekend!!! :)
This post was been stored in my drafts for how many months now. I feel sorry for not sharing it on the day where I saw this beautiful photos below. I was just browsing and came to this site. It's pretty interesting. I assure you girls! I took a short quiz to know my wedding style and the result was Classic. I also asked my fiancé to take the quiz (and it was funny since the question was mostly for girls.) LOL! Thank you my king for enjoying this process with me. His result was a Destination Wedding or something like a Beach Wedding.

Moreover, to share my quiz result. :)

Classic Wedding

Your timeless style has an understated elegance and a sense of tradition, but with a Classic feel. You envision a church wedding surrounded by friends and loved ones to witness you marry your best friend. Your love of clean lines and unassuming details will guide you in your wedding planning choices for a wedding that is beautiful, classy, and meaningful.
I wasn't expecting it would be a bit of hard to choose wedding colors. Everything is just so lovely! I think, that made this post loooong to make it finally on public.
A piece of advice, talk to your man. Ask his favourite color and match your chosen color on your mind. My fiancé wants blue, so at first, we were thinking of Sapphire Blue. I also want my color to be combine since it's US here, DK, our wedding. I prefer white and peach in the collection of light colors.  I started to check online and voila, I'm very happy for the colors best represent us: Navy + Peach ♥
Here's my Pinterest board. If you'll be interested, feel free to check and follow. I'm kind of new here, and I so looooooove Pinterest! Awesome photos and good stuffs.
How about you? Have you think about your wedding color? If not, try taking the quiz too, and do let me know your result, and maybe your feeling knowing your result. :)
Here's a  collection of Wedding Links, I find interesting and helpful along the process of our Wedding Planning101. You may also take the quiz on that link!

♥ Love, KG


  1. It's a great pleasure to look into your blog dear, well I'd like to go with wedding themes, fabulous collection keep sharing dear !

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  3. Lovely wedding theme ideas. Really loved them specially navy and peach color theme. I will use it in my wedding at one of famous wedding venues. Have already hired wedding planers for the event. Hope will be able to make it a grand one.


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