Monday, 3 August 2015

Hari Raya in Singapore

Hello!!! Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Any guess how I spent my weekend? LOL! I hope you had a lovely weekend too. :)
Anyway, last Saturday was mostly spent with FOODS, my colleagues and friends. Well, of course I bring along my Mr. Awesome, fiancé. Thank you for joining us, my king!
It's still Hari Raya, visiting friends and family for Muslim community here in Singapore. For 3 consecutive years, my pleasure to be invited in this holy celebration. Thank you very much, Anah, for all the delicious foods, good hospitality and making us see how Hari Raya is celebrated. Thank yoooooou!
Below are some of our lovely photos with my Muslim, Chinese, Indian and Filipino colleagues.

A photo collage copied from Jasmine. :)

They are all so super pretty! I wish, I'm wearing loooong dress too! :)

After this event, me and my fiancé went back home. I fell asleep and my fiancé played his game in PS3. We were soooo full! After an hour of sleep and play for him, we went out again to attend my ex-colleague, Mae's birthday! OMG! Foods again!!! :D :D

I'll make another post on that. Till my next post soon!

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