Monday, 3 August 2015

How to celebrate Birthday in Singapore?

Hi there everyone! This is just a continuation of my Weekend Challenge Update. So okaaaay, another birthday celebration, we attended here in Singapore last Saturday night, 01/08/2015.

Happy Birthday Mae!
Mae is my ex-colleague at my first job here in this foreign land. It was long, looooong time ago I never seen her for awhile. She went back to Manila, that's why. I like Mae the first time I met her because I find her very nice, a Leo (Gemini's are good friends with Leo) and same name with my little sister, May, but different spelling . We just get along easily. Hmmm, I visited my old blog archives and dug a bit. I found my Tumblr post with Mae. I was so happy, and I wrote about it on my previous blog! I found a new friend with Mae. :)
What more? I also met Raj last Saturday. He's also our ex-colleague and still working at the same company where we all met each other.

More pictures below... :)

We also met new funny friends.  LOL! LOL! To mention some: Gee, who gave us ideas and advices about destination wedding; Jessica, points to consider in a relationship; Brian, awesome rules of being husband and wife; Ryan, the clown; Angelica, the cool, sweet wife of Brian.

Again, I want to specially thank my friend, Mae, for inviting us; my fiancé, for coming and enjoying Saturday fun night birthday of my ex-colleague, and the company of newly met funny friends. Actually, my fiancé's friends was also inviting us for a barbeque that same day. We will be there next time! OK!? Thank yooooou! ;)

The activities we enjoyed at Mae's birthday with new found friends were dancing, singing, chatting, pool table, dumb jokes and of course wine, beer and a looooot of Filipono foods! How I miss it! :)

Some more lovely photos from the fun night birthday chill.

So, that's all for now. By the way, last Sunday we just both stayed at home ~ for washing, cleaning, cooking and a bit of working for my king, extra income for our wedding, he said. He is just soooo sweet, like candy! I love him so much! Thank you baby boy! I will always take care of you.
PS. We also started to watch The White Queen. It's a series from 2013 with 10 episodes, 60 minutes each. Unfortunately, only one season. It's very good, something like Game of Thrones for girls my fiancé told me. But I think, it's not, PG16 maybe(?) Well, he liked it too. A story of England's ruling history combined with some magic. I find it interesting! I probably make a separate review after we finish this TV mini-series. For now, come and watch with us! IMDd Rating: 7.8/10 from 11,736 users.

Happy day everyone!
♥ Love, KG
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