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Singapore's Indian Food: Prata Wala

Hi everyone! As promise, here's a food photo review about The Prata Wala, one of the famous Indian Restaurant you can find mostly inside the malls here in Singapore. This was our second time trying... So okay, let's start! :)

Last Sunday Fun, 09/08/2015, was to shop for some bathroom towels. We also dedcided to eat outside and have some Indian food at Prata Wala, Nex Mall in Serangoon.

A quick selfie photo of us going out of the house. My fiancé was wearing white for the first time! Yeeeey! Big thanks to Lili Neni, my fiance's mom, for his white polo shirt. He so cuuuuuute! *_* ( Excuse me for my love of taking photos! :P )

Thank you my king for enjoying selfie with me ~ your queen. ♥ :)
I happily ordered a butter chicken. The lady on the counter suggested the SG50 promotion. It was certainly a good deal! Normally, it's $7.50 and just add $1, you'll have your chosen drink! Drinks ranges between $2-$3. Hmm, the taste was good! It has this sweet taste feeling your mouth will love to eat some mooooore! It comes with a cracker where you can favourably deep to your butter chicken sauce, and another small cup with something like beans and curry flavor. Not my favorite but also very good! The Indian rice was yummy and specially a lot for one serving! :)

Prate Wala SG50 Promotion: Butter Chicken
SG50 Promotion: Butter Chicken, $8.50 with Ice Teh Cino
Moreover, my fiancé's choice of meal was a chicken murtabak. I saw how they specially cook this; and I find it very interesting! It's quite a lot of process though but seems absolutely fun! The taste was awesome with a chicken curry sauce! Quantity wise, good for 2-3 pax. Uhhh, Yummmm! By the way, murtabak seems like prata from the outside but with grind chicken and flavors inside. :)

Prata Wala, Chicken Murtabak
Chicken Murtabak, $8.20

I specially love my drink, the ice lime tea. The limes were fresh, the melted sugar was perfect and really tasted like fresh lime tea! Indeed sooooo refreshing!

My fiancé's drink was the ice teh cino. It was actually my choice but then he also wants to try it. I quickly changed my drink. Awesome idea since I super love my drink! LOL! On the other hand, it's like a hot teh tarik served with ice, so it's cold. It's good but then again, I'm used of hot teh tarik. :)

Ice Lime Tea & Ice The Cino, $2.80

US, waiting for our Indian food. :)
All in all, we paid exactly, $20 for our Indian food dinner. The experiance was great and fun! We will certainly be back and try again different menu.

You've got to try new things to discover new things. If you're staying here in Singapore and never tried an Indian food ~ I dare you now! This is your time to try it! One good thing of being here in Singapore is you can get to try different kinds of food from different parts of the world, like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino and a lot more including Europeans and Western foods. I happily recommend you this restaurant, Prata Wala, and enjoy the delicous Indian food, Singapore is offering! Try it, have fun and let me know what you think! Bon Appétit! :)
PS. All prices mentioned above are inclusive of GST.
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  1. Hey, Kristine! I like your post. And seriously I am shocked that Indian food is also famous in Singapore as well. And yeah thanks again for sharing the best Indian restaurant.


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