Tuesday, 11 August 2015

#SG50 ~ The Long Weekend

Aloha everyone! How are you? I hope you had a lovely loooong weekend holiday. :)
The Singapore National Day ~ or the loooong weekend holiday made my blog on vacation mode too! LOL! I do apologize for my delayed Weekend Challenge Update.
Anyway, this post will give you a heads up on how I spent The Singapore's big day event, The Golden Jubilee, #SG50. It was a lot of fun, honestly! I will do my best to update this and not be lazy!

Friday, 07/08/2015
- It was my lazy Friday! My fiance and I spent a lot of series watching, sleeping and just being lazy around. HAHA! I so loooove it! We also made some grocery shopping for the next day perfectly planned Saturday Fun Barbecue. I specially marinated the meat overnight. We were so excited! :)
Saturday, 08/08/2015
- Our very first DK BBQ at home. It was soooo yummmy! We enjoyed preparing everything and barbecuing! * I'll make a post about this! *
Sunday, 09/08/2015
- Majulah Singapura!!! Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!!! I thank you for everything! I feel so honoured to be here. Our 5 years together is just soooo amazingly fun and great! * I'll make a post about this! * Stay tuned for the crowd video 5 hours before the celebration in MBS, the CE LA VIE view on top, Casino, the amazing Singapore Air Force and fireworks display! :)
Monday, 10/08/2015
- We enjoyed eating in an Indian Restaurant, Prata Wala. Our second time! * I'll make a photo review about this! * :)
That's all for now! Talk to you again! xx
Peace, Love & Happiness.  ♥ Love, KG

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