Thursday, 20 August 2015

Jollibee Singapore

One of the many things makes me happy about of staying in Singapore is Jollibee. HAHAHA! Since I was young Jollibee chicken joy is one of my favorite! Their spaghetti is also one to crave for. Their french fries, ohhhh yuuuum! Jolly hotdogs too!!! I grew up eating in Jollibee. :)

In Philippines, I wasn't able to really appreciate it because almost everywhere, Jollibee is there! It won't be a question since this multinational food chain was originated in the Philippines. One proud Filipino brand!

I feel home eating in Jollibee. If sometimes, I miss my childhood days and Filipino foods, eating here is a good solution! As an OFW in Singapore, Jollibee makes me feel home ~ home away from home. :)

Insider Tip: Jollibee Singapore | 9AM - 9PM | 6/F Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road

- The queue before was unbelievable, specially for the first 3-5 months when they opened last January, 2013. Nowadays, in less than 5 minutes you will all have your orders.
- Expect extra Filipinos in Lucky Plaza. This place is like a community for all Filipinos, but there are also other shops, food chains and travel agencies inside. Check HERE for more information.
- Avoid end of the month weekend or just after the pay day. It's extra crowded. My fellow Filipino or OFW's in Singapore loved to gather and specially remit cash to their loved ones back in the Philippines during these days. Best day to visit is during weekdays after work, like 5:30PM onwards.

How about you? What place/places makes you feel "home away from home" here in the busy city of Singapore? I hope, you also have one, or maybe even two. ^_^

Happy day! Peace, Love & Happiness. - KG

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