Monday, 6 July 2015

Where to Buy Souvenirs and Chocolates in Singapore

05/07/2015, Sun: We went for "pasalubong" shopping at Chinatown, City Square Mall and Serangoon. Our flight is really near!!! OMG! I'm sooooo excited to see my fiancĂ©’s family again, for his brother's wedding, for Budapest and Vienna, and be at The Balaton Sound, our very first Euro Beach Party together!!! The loooooong flight journey kinda excites me too! I need to pack our things!!! :D :D

Anyways, I always love to see Chinatown, (but not everyday) maybe once in a blue moon to indeed really appreciate the Chinese-Singaporean busy place! I always feel like I'm a tourist whenever we see or bring someone for souvenir shopping here. :)
I tried my Urban Decay, Naked 3 pallet, wore pink like Barbie & tried fishtail braid inside the mrt. :)
I took some photos of interesting items you can buy and grab in Chinatown. Compared to other places for souvenir shopping, in my opinion, Chinatown is the best, in terms of price and Singapore's collections. We spent $60 for key chains, wine bottle opener, hats, fridge magnets, Chinese styled chopsticks, cigarette container, and more. My fiancé is the one choosing and actually shopping. I'm looking around and just suggesting. :P
In search of some flying drones, we went to City Square Mall, ToyRus. We found one but we didn't really buy. I really enjoyed going to this kind of places. He was looking for his little boys' toys; and I was also with my little girls' toys. My fiance specially loved Star Wars toys like spaceships and swords! Well, mine is Barbie. :D
My current status: I'm a Mermaid & a Bride-To-Be :)
Some stuffs you can buy and see in ToysRus.
We also bought some quesadilla and burrito (salad) bowl at our favorite takeaway food, The Stuff'd, before going home. Hmmmm, yummmmmy and very healthy!!!
By the way, we also bought 3 new bed sheets!!! One for his brother's wedding and the other two is for us. One was with a thick flower blanket. I'll try to take a photo maybe later. Our first girly bed sheets! My fiance finally allowed me!!! I'm so happy! Thank you, my king! I'm the happiest queen! :D

Before, going home, we dropped by in Serangoon to buy some chocolates at the ValuDollar shop in Nex Mall. The Singapore chocolates here are just really cheap and good! We also bought some spicy Tao Kae Noi seaweeds for his family and friends. It was awesomely good deal! In this shop, you can also buy shampoos, soaps, deodorants, kitchen stuffs, ketchup, coffee, other chocolates brand and a lot mooooore! I love this shop though I don't really buy here for my toiletries, but the foods are just so goooood!!! Some Filipino items too, like "sardinas" in Ligo brand, Fudgee Barr and candies.

In Serangoon, I also bought a new Boyfriend ripped jeans from Cotton On! Aww, I super love it! I'm still thinking for the black one. I waaaaaant it!!! (Still thinking...) :D :P

We went home happily and ate our takeaway food, the chicken quesadilla and chicken burrito salad bowl. I'm full with love and food!!!

PS. We also talked to our family, his brother and my mom. I'm super full with peace, love and happiness! Thank you, Bro!

♥ KG

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