Monday, 20 July 2015

Weekend Jet Lag

Hello everyone! I'm back! Yey! The Hungary-Austria trip was soooooo awesome! We attended the Balaton Sound - Day 0, with Tiesto, Hungarian wedding of my fianc√©'s brother, Krisztian, with a reception until the next day morning and a loooooot of dancing. We also explored Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary with my future parent-in-law. :)
Please see pictures on my Instagram account, @honeykaye21

Moreover, apologize if I didn't have a post for my WCU last 11/07/2015. Weekend out of Singapore is an excemption on this challenge. LOL. The Weekend Challenge Update here on my blog are weekends usually happening in this busy city of Singapore. It intends to help others how to spend the short weekend in a simple way, wisely and happily with friends or loved ones. :P

Anyway, since we just came back from our Euro trip, the different time zone made us so sleepy after having lunch at Astons in Paya Lebar, last Saturday. The weather in Asia is very, very much different from the summer-cold-like weather in Europe. Though it's summer, it isn't hot, like the normal 25-34'C weather here in Singapore or Asia. The summer in Europe is like a December weather in Asia. It's chilling hot ~ makes you feel fresh (and less tired) whole day. :)

Saturday, 18/07/2015
Mostly spent with sleeping, 4-9PM, cleaning the room, washing, washing, washing, cleaning and slept again at 7AM (Sunday.) My king made some Hungarian plate for our dinner. We watched two episodes of TVD and he played his PS3, and I also finally cleaned my phone. I have so much space again for photos. Yey! :D :P

Sunday, 19/07/2015
We woke up at 2PM. I made some simple fried foods ~ like nuggets, fish fingers, sunny side-up eggs with cheese and rice. I also made some corn in cob which we ate in dinner time after Ikea fun shopping. Our very first time to visit and shop some kitchen stuffs at Ikea, Tampines! It was fun seeing interior designs of a flat and trying the beds, sofas and imagining our future kitchen, master and kids rooms, or simply our house. We will have our own kingdom soon! :)

OK, I'll park my hands out of the keyboard. I'll update this again and will try to put some photos. For now, I'm really sleepy . I slept past 4AM today. I'm very sleepy at work. :-/

And yes, BTW, OMG!!! Stay tuned for our wedding website. We have our newly bought domain name! Yeeeeeey!!! Thank you my king! :D :D - ♥ KG

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