Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Things to Bring in Europe During Summer Holiday

Hi there everyone!

The summer weather in Europe is around June to mid August so definitely, as an Asian girl who is used of everyday summer on her entire life, I'm expecting, I won't have any problem with cold (or the weather) and clothes. :)

We already packed our luggages last night, (YEY!!!) 6/7/2015, and yes today is our flight already!!! HAHAHA! I usually pack my travel things 1-2 weeks before and in advance, but for this trip, I don't really know what happened. Though honestly, our luggages was actually inside our room, one week before our scheduled flight, to constantly remind us. LOL!!! (I specially asked my fiance to take out our luggages but we never pack. LOL!) Anyways, I guess, I don't really worry our baggage weight since we will have a total of 60kg. both on the way to Hungary and back to Singapore. Moreover, I maybe consider myself as a summer expert so yes, the packing was super easy and fun with my king.

Shampoo / Conditioner
Toothpaste / Toothbrush
Brush / Comb
Body soap
Sunscreen / Insect repellent
Wet & dry tissue
"Kikay" kit
Some cute accessories (bracelet/anklet)

Thin (summer) clothes
Swimming suits
Open flat sandals / Flip flops
High Heals (for the wedding)
Cash in Euro and SGD (in case of shopping emergency)
Camera / Chargers
Mini notebook & pen

Happy Holidays D&K!!! :)

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