Monday, 6 July 2015

Swimming & Barbeque Birthday in Costa Sands Resort

Hi there everyone! It's Monday! How are you? I hope, you're having a good start of the week.  Anyway, here's a post for my weekend challenge update! Friends & Shopping sounds so much like for girlfriend’s fun weekend activity, but nooo, we we're also actually with our man, though of course, girls will always have more pictures. :D

3-4/07/2015, Fri to Sat: Yey! It was Madel's birthday. We met each other again after a year. The last time, I saw her was when they went with me looking for a place in Ang Mo Kio. She's one of my ex-colleagues in my first job here in Singapore. I'm very happy that she's back and will stay here again! I like her because she became like a girlfriend I can also always hangout with whenever we feel stress at work and bored from the routinary life here in Singapore, work, home, work and home. It was honestly stressful! Well, that was before when we were all new in the city. It was fun having her! We partied, mostly unplanned, last minute call party, celebrated New Year's Eve, watched movie, Sentosa fun and mostly meet and eat with colleagues.
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04/07/2015, Sat: Me and my fiancĂ© reached home early morning from the birthday party. If I'm not wrong, it was passed 4AM already. We played cards, enjoyed the drinks, foods and barbequed. My fiancĂ© learned how to play Tong-its too! Yey! Thanks to the guys who patiently teach him! LOL! And honestly, my fiancĂ© is just really a fast learner. In the end, Dan, my fiancĂ©,  also taught them Remi, a Hungarian card games. I woke up at 7:45AM. It was raining, like with a typhoon. I felt like, I was back in the Philippines and with my king, hugging me on the bed. I was so happy! It feels soooo good and warm! I slept again from 4PM until 9:30PM. HAHAHAHA! Mostly I spent the day listening to my 2 years old favorite music, my songs for my king, and also watched some series. :)

My songs for my fiance: (in order)
Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me
Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed
Avril Lavigne - I Love You
Taylor Swift - Love Story

My fiancé told me his song for me too: The Subways - Rock & Roll Queen :) #copycat #sweetbaby #iloveyou

Please see Part 2 of this weekend: Where to Buy Souvenirs and Chocolates in Singapore? :)
Peace, Love & Happiness. ♥ KG

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