Monday, 27 July 2015

Singapore: Golden Village - Plaza Singapura

Hi there everyone! I just want to share our experience last Wednesday, 23/07/2015, here in Singapore. Me and my fiancé went out for a Movie Popcorn Wednesdate. It was kind of new since we don't always watch movie on a Wednesday night. We prefer Tuesday as our movie day in Golden Village - Singapore. Movie on this day is a lot cheaper than the other days of the week. I mentioned it before on one of my post, so if you love movies... Here's a Tuesday Movie Deal, for you.
Anyway, we went to GV - Plaza Singapura for 9PM movie, Marvel's Ant-man (2015.) The movie started after 25-30 minutes of advertisements, mostly all commercials. I was quite a bit impatient because it was a lot and really long. We are always watching movie but I think, the advertisement that day was extra, extra looooong. We were also still lack of sleep due to our Euro trip, so I guess, it added to my mood. (I'm sorry for not updating so much. I needed sleeeeeeeep.)
Moreover, the movie was sooooo good and funny! I forgot about my mood after the movie started. We were enjoying and laughing. I do love Marvel's movie a lot!
After 30 minutes, the movie stops...
Argggh! No message on screen or whatever... Luckily, my mood was quite back okay due to Ant-man's funny, exciting and a bit of drama kind of movie. But, do you know the feeling when you're watching a good movie and specially on the exciting part and mission of the story, then suddenly stops because of electricity problem? Brownout maybe? Well, yeaaaaah...
For 3-5 minutes, everyone was just seating and waiting... We do really wonder why???
Then a girl shouted...
My fiancé didn't really understand.
It was a bit hard Singlish, even me didn't really completely understand but some words was like... "Fire alarm is ringing!!! Fire alarm is ringing!!! You don’t hear meh??!" OMG! OMG!
Everyone suddenly stand and walked out of the theatre, fast but in a relax manner. What I do like with Singaporeans, they are cool in times like this ~ no pushing or hurting, more concerned on how to get out fast and safely. (I kind of think, it’s like the MRT rush hour in Singapore.) I was afraid. I'm always thinking of a big fire, if there's a fire. To think, we we're also on the highest floor of the building. Golden Village in Plaza Singapura is on the 6th floor. We went out and saw the building with smokes, not a lot but makes me a bit kind of scared. Fortunately, firemen were already on the 5th floor and doing their job.
What concerned me the most is that... We people inside the movie house didn't hear anything at all. What if the fire was big??? OMG! It's very dangerous, and ohhh my, scary!!!
My suggestion is to put more fire alarms, or the movie was stop that time, at least show some message on screen, or make quick/urgent emergency announcement. The girl who announced there was a fire alarm ringing seems like also watching same movie with us but went to the toilet for a short break. I saw a crew though, standing and watching people going out of the theatre hall.
This is a serious matter. I hope they will do something about it. Anyway, link here for more information of the fire in Plaza Singapura, last Wednesday. Fire breaks out at Plaza Singapura - Channel NewsAsia

What happened to our movie tickets?

Somehow, for 5 years staying here in Singapore, I learned a lot of things. I am not a pro but at least I have an idea on how business works here in Singapore. Ask if you want to know. Approach if you want result.
I called GV-Plaza Singapura and after 3 times of attempt, a nice and helpful woman answered my call. We can have a refund! Yey! We always book online so it was easier. The woman informed me; we can just forward the movie booking to the email on their GV website and write something like... "You called and informed about the refund." Golden Village will evaluate and process.
After 1-2 days, we receive a reply. Happily, we will have a 100% full refund!
We may not bring back the time we spent travelling and seating on that unfinished movie, but we're very thankful that were all safe, Plaza Singapura and everyone.
To end this post, I think, I don't want to watch Ant-man on a big screen anymore. Not because of anything but because of what happened. The movie is actually good to watch until end on a big screen, but I guess, I want a new movie to watch now for this week. :D
We will still continue to watch in Golden Village but will avoid GV-Plaza Singapura. I hope they will do improve their fire alarms though.

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