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Movie Review: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)

Hi there everyone! Yesterday was awesome! We don't always go for Thursday new movie playing here in Singapore, as we do find Tuesday more budget friendly, (...and OK also near on Thursday.) Lols! Golden Village have this Tuesday Movie Deal which me and my fiancĂ© indeed, truly love! Anyway, to change a bit of our normal twice a month movie Tuesday routine, I surprised my fiancĂ© to watch our last movie for the month, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) featuring ~ no other than Mr. Tom Cruise. I felt so lucky since I managed to book it early and had a very awesome, good seat for our lovely Thursday Movie Date! Yeyyyyy!
IMDb Rate: 8.3 as of 31/07/2015 (Yesterday was 8.6)
I honestly don't want to make this movie review because the movie was just out for public, yesterday here in Singapore and in other countries will be just today, 31/07/2015. I'm afraid to be a spoiler. So okaaaaay, SPOILER ALERT!!! Pls. don't continue to read if you're planning to watch and enjoy this movie on a big screen this coming few days.
Anyway, the movie was cool, awesome, combination of serious and funny/comedy, a bit of love/romantic and more on friendship, exciting/adventure and thrilling! (HAHAHA! That's two same words, exciting and thrilling.) But yeah okaaaay, to give emphasize, it's indeed exciting even just on the first part of the story where Ethan Hunt, (TomCruise) an Impossible Missions Force (IMF) agent, climbs on the outside of a flying airplane, a giant Airbus A400M plane and is hanging from the door as it takes off, to get the package/cargo.
From that kind of start, I know, the movie will be freaking awesome! I was already expecting we will spend an enjoyable time inside the cinema, seating and watching.

As the movie continued, I realized, they were also touring us around, mostly in Europe. It was fun, the idea of giving the audience a taste of other countries is just fantastic! I specially love these kind of movies. Some of the countries showed in this movie were London, France, Vienna, Morocco and Monaco. They also mentioned Malaysia, Singapore and even showed the map of Manila, Philippines.
The gadgets/technology used in this movie is also one to highlight! The contact lenses with pre-installed super small camera were used by the people of Solomon Lane, (Sean Harris) the supreme leader of the terrorist organization in this movie, known as The Syndicate. It was just soooo pretty amazing! I want one for me actually! :D Another gadget was the special glasses used by another IMF agent, Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) to communicate, like a cellphone, and let Ethan see what he is seeing, mostly used inside the opera house scene. Cool right?! :D

They also showed pretty awesome hacking software techniques, like voice, face, thumb print and even movement recognition. Opening doors with this cool opener stuff, (I don't really know how to call it, but it looks like a small circle key vault opener, in my opinion.) LOL! :P The mapping file is super cool too! All pretty techie, encryption and decryption. "You have everything to find me."

Hmmm, what more? Ohhh yeah, some of the scenes I personally like:
The underwater cooling system scene where Ethan needs to conserve oxygen and do everything within 3 minutes, including escape, before the oxygen runs out. I almost also stop breathing here. LOLs! Ethan needs to change a chip, containing a person's profile inside the system and replace by his friend's profile, Benji Dunn, who is going through the gate movement detector to get or copy the file.
Another one is, the motorbike scene where the leading lady, Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) was being high speed chased by the bad guys and Ethan. I find her so cool on this scene. She's specially beautiful after the first scene of showing her face. She has this kind of look and drive where someone will find her extra lovelier after the first meet up. A woman fighting the bad guys and acting like a secret agent is just super mission impossible but indeed super-duper cool. I found out that she had 6 moths training for this movie.
Just one comment to Tom Cruise, well, we all know that a lot of girls/woman truly like him and his movies, because of his fascinating, good looks, very athletic feature and accepting dangerous/adventurous stunts he did in previous movies without a stunt double, like even here in his current movie actually ~ I can say, he grew obviously a bit old, specially if the camera is extra near him or close up, but all in all, he still looks hot in his 50s, 53 to be exact.

So if you guys love Tom Cruise and looking for some action, adventure and trill, this movie is just good for you! Watch and enjoy and tell me what you think. :)
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