Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A Letter to my Stalker

Hi You-know-who-you-are,  

Welcome to my website! How many times you visited my blog today?

Honestly, I already know you since January this year. I also know your IP address, btw. Where you work, your name and how you stay and stalk on my blog. I have proofs just so you know.
I never reacted ever since from the start, because I know, you will also soon realize what you're doing is wrong, and actually a crime.
My blog might be in public, as well my Instagram account. I cannot stop you from reading them. But, I challenge you to look yourself in the mirror. Why are you here? Reading this? I don't owe anyone an explanation, and nobody deserves to be judge by anyone but only Him above.
Message me if you want. Life is too simple. Why make it so complicated? Don't make silly/nasty comments on my blog, Facebook or Instagram. I won't reply. I have zero tolerance on that. For the record, this is your first and last letter. Don't even bother to make me a new Instagram or Facebook account, add/follow my friends and post silly/nasty pictures or comments. I'm already popular. I don't need your help. Plus my family and real friends do know me. You cannot break a queen! But yeah, I must admit, thank you for trying, you made me stronger and learned that no matter how you tried, I can conquer anyone.
"Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got." Yes, I do forgive you, but just in case you are not aware about this, please do read!

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