Tuesday, 30 June 2015

You will be missed, Tito Andre.

Hi everyone. Have you ever lost someone very dear to you? When I say lost, meaning, as in totally gone. You cannot talk or see them alive, or can no longer reply or react to you or to anyone of his/her loved ones. What you left are the memories you kept inside your heart, and probably photographs when he/she was still alive.

After 6 loooooong years, I experienced it again, 6 years and 5 days to be exact. Our Tito Andre, the brother of my father, passed away due to a heart attack. He's only 57 and too young for his age. But maybe, heaven needs another good, funny and sweet angel to see us above.

Tito Andre & Tita Mercy | Days when we were still their babies.
It's really sad. I cannot explain. I'm sad for my father and his siblings (my other uncles and aunts,) for his happy big family with 2 daughters and sons all grown up and graduated with bachelor’s degree because of my uncle's effort and loving support of Tita Mercy, his wife. Most specially, I am deeply sad and worried for my 91 years old grandmother, who enjoyed planting vegetables for my uncle's future holiday visit in Bicol with the family. My grandmother is expecting my uncle to visit her soon and enjoy the vegetables she purposely planted for my uncle's favorite meal.
I am writing this post not to ask for anything but a prayer. This is life and everything happens for a reason. We may not understand it right now, but time will come, we surely will and makes us a better and strong person. The happy memories will always be there, and that's all that matters.
Kung Saan Ang Tropa, Andun din si Tito Andre. | Picture taken 19th of May, 2013.
We will miss you Tito Andre. It's sad to loose someone very dear to us, like a father, a friend and someone older than us to laugh with. We will always remember your love, kindness and sense of humour. RIP.

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