Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Singapore: Timbre (The Substation)

Hello everyone! These were our night out in Timbre @ The Substation. Finally, yey, we went out again for a drink, and I'm wearing heals! LOL! We miss our friends, as almost everyone is moving out of Singapore, went to another country or back to their homeland. Anyway, dating with my fiancé is just as good as having a fun and great quality time with my best friend, and at the same time with my sexy love!

Moreover, Timbre is a place where you can eat, drink and listen to a live band. You can also greet and request through a text message where they'll be showing on screen for 3-5 seconds. LOL! It's quite fast so maybe send again after 5-10 minutes. :P

The crowd last Saturday. (Pictured at the side bar.)

What's quite also interesting in this restaurant/music bar is that ordering is through an ipad. You will see the menu very clear, pictures are nicer and not with a normal menu in a paper like magazine. In Timbre, it's like you're ordering online and after a while, voila, you get what you want! Service was exceptionally good! Crews are nice, friendly and always smiling.

Ipad ordering menu. :)
Timbre's table napkin with their website and logo.
The band testing their instruments before gig.
Food is nice, but I'll be honest, Singapore is expensive! (You must ready your cash going out here!) In all our orders, drinks all came first. We tried the Buffalo Wings which they said famous in Timbre. Taste was OK, 3.5/5 maybe, not my favorite though. We also had Hawaiian Barbeque Pizza, 4/5, Truffle Fries, 2.5/5, and drinks. My drink was Timbre Mojito, which I think, new on their menu. It's kind of like lemon, mint, and lime margarita. It was good for the hot weather that night, 4/5! I personally recommend this if you just want to enjoy the night. It's light, refreshing and good as for the non-air-conditioned room of Timbre. (Timbre is an open space.) On the other hand, my fiancé ordered an Erdinger White Beer, and yes, it tasted like Germany. (I'll ask my fiancé for the rating.) :P
My first drink, Timbre Mojito, S$17*
My second drink in different presentation. :)
My fiancé's Erdinger White Beer, S$17*
The famous Timbre Buffalo Chicken Wings, S$15*
Truffle Fries, S$10*
Hawaiian Barbeque Pizza, S$18*
Our drinks ~ Dating
My photographer/fiancé love taking photos of me. :)
All in all, it was a lovely fun night chill ~ our third time in Timbre @ Substation. :)
Address: 45 Armenian Street, The Substation Garden, Singapore 179936 | Tel: 6338 8277
My fiancé's selfie. :D :D :D
Thank you to one of the Timbre's crew who made our photo for that sweet night. :)
PS. All prices above are subject for 10% service charge and 7% GST.
Thank you for reading and have a lovely day! :)


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