Monday, 22 June 2015

The Weekend Challege: 20/06/2015

Hello everyone! I think, living here in Singapore for almost like 5 years.. OMG! I can't believe it!!! In August, I'll be 5 years here! Wooow! Time indeed is very faaaaast! Thank you Singapore, you love me, and I love you too! LOLz! :D

Anyway, yeah, for almost like 5 years, I learned and started to love, or I guess, the right words should be... 'I learned to appreciate the weekend!' Living here in Singapore with a super fast-paced lifestyle, weekend is indeed a break to the normal busy routine of weekday life! Yey! Saturday!!! :)

This post made me think to make "The Weekend Challenge." Every weekend, I'll try to post something, mostly how I spent the weekend ~ with my fiancé, with friends, or by myself, or simply how I spent my Singapore weekend. HAHAHA! I'm sorry, this is new. I just want to play with what I am writing! :) :P

To start, here are some photos of my lovely weekend well spent with my Mr. Awesome, fiancé. :)

My Mr. Awesome Home Buddy, Chef Dan, specially prepared and surprised me with delicious mashed potato, black pepper chicken and salsa tomato, plus a bouquet of beautiful flowers. He also changed our bed sheets and cleaned the room! I feel so lucky for having such a very cool fiancé! Thank you Mr. Awesome, my coolest home buddy sexy love! I'm the happiest queen! :)

Saturday, 20/06/2015
Saturday Night. I told my fiancé he did a very good job at home, so as a reward, I told him, I'll buy him a beer! So yeah, we went out to chill, relax, enjoy some music, eat and drink at Timbre, The Substation. I tried to wear blue, since we're thinking to use sapphire blue as our theme in our upcoming wedding next year. HAHAHA! IDK?! It look okay, but I still need to get used of wearing blue maybe (?) :) *Pink link above for more info. about the Timbre, The Substation. 

Before leaving, my fiancé asked me to strike a pose, which I happily did since I love photos! The second one was a bit of like "Faster-Baby-Take-A-Photo" kind of shot. LOL! People are comiiiiing! We just love the street art on the way to Timbre, since here in Singapore, it's not common and not encourage at all, else you'll be fined! :P

Lastly, the picture below is our future house. HAHAHA! He made a photo to remember. LOL! Just kidding. We're just enjoying the way to Timbre since I'm also wearing heals, which I don't usually do nowadays. Anyway, the white house on my background is The Singapore Art Museum. It's indeed beautiful even at day! :)

Till my next post. Peace, Love & Happiness. KG

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